Women, Children, and Families Commission

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The Women, Children, and Families Commission has a mission to empower women and families in Framingham by advocating for their needs. The Commission works to enhance the lives of the residents of Framingham by raising awareness of the needs of women and families; promoting equity and fostering equal opportunities for those in our community. The Commission seeks to improve the quality of life for women and families most in need through advocacy, collaboration, education, outreach, and by making recommendations to the Mayor on these matters. The Commission will examine and facilitate discussions on issues affecting women and families, especially children. By providing a voice for all women and families in Framingham the Commission will promote fundamental freedoms, basic human rights, intersectionality, equity, economic prosperity, and a strong foundation for all who live here to thrive.


The Commission shall carry out the following duties and responsibilities: 

1. Advise the Mayor and city agencies on issues impacting women and families;

2. Identify specific problems and develop solution strategies; including identify local policies, or practices, that contribute to inequality and work to eliminate and/or counter them; 

3. Convene events, activities, listening sessions, and discussions to learn issues, educate, raise awareness, and advocate for change; 

4. Design special programs to aid women and families;

5. Encourage more civic participation by women and people of color by removing barriers; 

6. Collaborate with the Mayor, city leadership, municipal boards and committees, the Council, and local entities to address areas of inequity; 

7. Partner with neighboring communities, local organizations, groups, and related boards and committees to expand outreach and impact; 

8. Develop metrics by which to track and report progress through analytics, or other measurement 

9. Recognize, celebrate strength, contributions, and success; 

10. Advocate and communicate regarding Women and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color ("BIPOC") Owned Businesses and job opportunities adding to the economic development of Framingham, including workforce and childcare solutions and resources; 

11. Provide an annual evaluation of this Commission's work and goals for the future year. The annual report shall be provided by dune 30 of each year.


Pursuant to Article III, Section 3(b) of the Charter, the Mayor shall strive to the extent practicable to seek appointees to the Council reflecting both demographic and geographic diversity of membership (p. 24). We strive to build a strong group of committed individuals who reflect the ethnic, social, and economic diversity of Framingham.


The Women, Children, and Families Commission will consist of eleven (11) community members residing in each of Framingham's districts. One member shall be appointed for each of Framingham's nine (9) districts, and two members shall be appointed representing the business or non-profit community. Members are appointed by the Mayor and submitted to the Council for approval. All members of the Commission will hold 3-year terms, or until each member no longer serves in the position that resulted in the member's selection. The Mayor and the Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer will serve as ex officio members of the Commission.

Term Expiration
Carolyn Assa - Chair1June 2025
Cynthia Blanc Preiss MacLean - Vice-Chair4June 2026
Brigitte Griffin - Clerk8June 2026
Magdalena Janus5June 2025
Maria Esther Ruiz8June 2026
Grace Snedden7June 2025
Jessica Spaman3June 2026
Elena Tsizer6June 2025
Vacant2June 2026
Vacant9June 2026
Vacant - Non-Profit Member
June 2026