Police Advisory Committee


The Police Advisory Committee envisions Framingham having a safe environment for the community; made possible by a strong, positive, and trusting relationship between the community-at-large and the Framingham Police Department. The effective delivery of public safety services requires the police to partner with its residents to ensure the safety of residents and visitors in the community.


The Police Advisory Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Police Department by bringing to their attention feedback from the community concerning public safety issues. The Police Advisory Committee is devoted to facilitating the flow of ideas relative to police services for the Framingham community.

Click here to access the City Ordinance Governing the Police Advisory Committee.

Name Seat Term Expiration
Nicole Doak Chair June 2023
Dwayne Stanley Member June 2024
Susan Santone Member June 2026
Shawn Granoff Clerk June 2024
Vacant  Member June 2025
Vacant  Member June 2025
Lee Gartenberg Member June 2026