Opioid Task Force

The City of Framingham has established an Opioid Task Force. The purpose of this Task Force is to ensure the effective, informed, and efficient expenditure of Framingham’s share of Opioid Settlement Recovery Funds to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Framingham citizens impacted by opioid addiction. Over 18 years, the City will be the recipient of $1.2M in settlement funds, providing Framingham with the opportunity to invest significantly in addressing the impact of the Opioid epidemic in the local community. The City is also receiving settlement funds from lawsuits against pharmacies and smaller pharmaceutical firms, which will become part of the City’s opioid response. State guidelines for the expenditure of these recovery funds require municipalities to focus efforts on substance-use prevention, harm reduction, opioid treatment, and/or recovery support.

This guidance document from the Commonwealth provides information on the approved strategies for which funds can be used. Additionally, to learn more about Massachusetts' opioid settlement funds, you can visit the MA Attorney General's website.

The membership of Framingham’s Opioid Settlement Task Force Includes:

Bill Murphy
Director, Department of Public Health, co-chair
Cathy Miles
Founder of Framingham Force
Courtney Balacco 

Executive Director of Student Supports, Framingham Public Schools

Dana Haagensen
Director of Administration & Finance, Framingham Fire Department
Kathy Davies O’Leary
Director of Human Resources, City of Framingham
Lester Baker
Chief of Police, City of Framingham
Linda PhalenPublic Health Nurse, City of Framingham 
Maria McHugh
Community Health Coordinator, Department of Public Health
Meghan Todd
Grants Manager, City of Framingham, co-chair
Michael Dutcher
Chief, Framingham Fire Department
Robin Williams
Assistant Director, Department of Public Health

The Opioid Task Force is currently engaged in assessing community needs, seeking citizen feedback, and preparing for the prompt distribution of settlement funds. The Task Force desires to distribute funding thoughtfully and efficiently with the initial goal of aiding community partners who are already engaged in incredibly meaningful work to combat the opioid crisis in our City.

At this time, the Task Force is inviting those who live and/or work in the City of Framingham to contribute their voice to a community dialogue around the Opioid epidemic in our City. Please note that while suggestions will be used to guide decision-making, feedback may not have a direct or immediate impact on policy. Please take the time to complete this Community Feedback Form.

For details on the safe disposal of sharps ( needles, syringes, or lancets), please visit the City’s Sanitation Division web page