Agricultural Advisory Committee

It is the policy of the City of Framingham to conserve, protect and encourage the maintenance and improvement of agricultural land for the production of food and other agricultural products and also for its natural and ecological value.

To support that policy, the Agricultural Advisory Committee was established to serve as the primary advocate for farming and agriculture in Framingham. The committee is charged with the administration of the City’s Right-to-Farm Ordinance (Section 25) but does not have any regulatory / enforcement powers.

Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution ensures “the protection of the people in their right to the conservation, development and utilization of the agricultural…and other natural resources.” By stating that no local Zoning By-Law may prohibit, unreasonably regulate, or require a special permit for the use of land for the primary purpose of agriculture, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A, Section 3, Paragraph 1 furthers this goal. Other state laws provide additional protection and incentives for agriculture.

Our Role:

 The committee’s roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Serve as a local voice advocating for farmers, farm-related businesses, and agricultural interests in general. 
  • Provide visibility for farming in Framingham. 
  • Work with other city departments/boards/commissions/committees on issues facing the town that affect agriculture. 
  • Help resolve farm-related problems and/or conflicts. 
  • Protect farmlands and natural resources.

Meeting Information:

Meeting dates/occurrence: The committee meets on an as-needed basis. Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available here

For more information and/or question, please contact the Community and Economic Development Division, 508-532-5455.

Helpful Resources:

Members of the Agricultural Advisory Committee :

Term Expiration
Natasha Rausch
ChairJune 2026
Linda Kirchman
ClerkJune 2026
Diane Soulliard
MemberJune 2025
VacantMemberJune 2027
Weronika Zawora 
MemberJune 2025
William EvansAlternate MemberJune 2026
Alternate MemberJune 2025

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