Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Committee

The Committee is organized to work to improve bicycling and pedestrian conditions in the City of Framingham. It will strive to create a comprehensive view of bicycle and pedestrian-related activities in the city. Hence, the Committee will make it possible for all city groups and departments to coordinate activities that involve or affect cycling and walking in Framingham.


Pursuant to Article III, Section 3(b) of the Charter, the Mayor shall strive to the extent practicable to seek appointees to the Council reflecting both demographic and geographic diversity of membership (p. 24). We strive to build a strong group of committed individuals who reflect the ethnic, social, and economic diversity of Framingham.


The Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Committee shall be comprised of seven members. The Council will elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, and clerk from the district. Members follow the Conflict of Interest Laws. Members abide by the Local, State, and Federal Rules and Regulations.

Members shall serve for staggered terms of three years. 

  1. One member selected by the Disability Commission (three years);
  2. One member selected by the Parks and Recreation Commission (two years);
  3. One member selected by the Youth Council (one year) and; 
  4. Four members appointed by the Mayor (1-three years, 2- two years, and 1- one year).


  • Must live in Framingham
  • Must complete conflict of interest training as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and abide by the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law
  • Must have vested interest in moving Framingham forward
  • Must be committed to attending scheduled meetings. Excessive absences may result in removal from the Committee at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen


Meeting dates/occurrence: Monthly

Members of the Committee



Term Expiration

Ben Gustafson


June 2025

William Fadden


June 2025

Laura Beck


June 2025

Beckie Evans Moses


June 2025

Jeanne Bizzoco

Member - Parks and Recreation Member

June 2024

Andrew Cummings

Member - Disability Commission Member

June 2025

Chloe Mills

Member - Youth Council Member

June 2023