Our Role

The Mayor of the City of Framingham appoints constables only for the service of limited forms of civil process within the geographical boundaries of the City of Framingham. Powers and duties conferred at appointment are strictly limited to only those necessary for this purpose. Constables so appointed are not empowered to and shall not act as police officers. Constables shall not make arrests or otherwise take persons into their custody. They shall not serve warrants, capiases, or criminal processes. Constables shall not obtain CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) through CJIS (the Criminal Justice Information System).


The number of constables appointed by the Mayor shall be no more than 20 at any one time. An increase in this number must be approved by the Mayor, subject to the needs of the community. Applications for constables, regardless of qualifications, shall not be accepted for consideration when the available positions are satisfied.

Term Expiration
Brian J. Dobson
Dec. 1, 2021
Steven P. Driver
June 30, 2023
Elizabeth A. Fuller
June   30,   2023
Joe Garcia
June 30, 2020
Margorie Goldin
June 30. 2022
R. Scott Gonfrade
June 30, 2022
Paul L.M. Kelley
June 1, 2020
Sean McCarthy
June 30, 2022
Rachel Adams
June   30,   2023  
Paul A. Nardizzi
June 1, 2023
Henry Ohrenberger
April 17, 2022
William Pickett, Jr.
June 30, 2022
Barry Sims
June 30, 2022
Paul Tavalone
June 30, 2022