Award Receptions

Award Receptions

May 11, 2023:  At Main Library Costin Room

June 8, 2022: At Main Library Costin Room

May 30, 2019: at Main Library Costin Room

2019 Students Arts Competition (description and link to pictures)

April 30, 2018: at Main Library Costin Room

2018 Student Arts Competition (description and link to pictures)

May 1, 2017: at Amazing Things Arts Center

May 6, 2016: at Amazing Things Art Center

May 12, 2014:  at Amazing Things Arts Center

May 6, 2013:  at Amazing Things Arts Center

May 7, 2012:  at Amazing Things Arts Center

May 9, 2011:  at Performing Arts Center of Metrowest

April 28, 2010:  at Memorial Building Blumer Room

June 17, 2009:  at Danforth Museum of Art


2023: Andrew Gomes, Saxophone; Nate Joslin, Clown; Kevin Driscoll, Ventriloquist

2022: Kathleen Najarian, Competing Monologues; and Abby Rogers, Musical Selections

2019: The McAuliffe Shakespeare Performance Club (By Christa McAuliffe Charter School)

2018: Hoops and Homework Violinists

2017: Selection from "Into the Storm" (by the Framingham High School Percussion Ensemble)

2016: Century Chinese Language School Musical Presentation

2014: Shrek (By Metrowest Performing Arts Center Students) and musical selections by players from the Metrowest Symphony

2013: James and the Giant Peach (By Metrowest Performing Arts Center)

2012: Any Thing Goes (By Metrowest Performing Arts Center)

2011: Jungle Book (By Metrowest Performing Arts Center)

2010: Guys and Dolls (Framingham High School Drama Company)

2009: Golden Tones and Fiddler on the Roof (By Metrowest Performing Arts Center)

Poems Written After a Visit to the MFA

2017 Poems

2016 Poems

2013: Chris Hobin, Alone, inspired by the painting Old Brooklyn Bridge by Joseph Stella at the MFA

2012: Quinn Calder, The Unfamiliar Turf -My Soul Lies On, inspired by a model of the “Pennsylvania Railroad War Memorial” to the MFA

2011: Ohad Klopman, The Red Ryder, inspired by a Sculpture of the MFA


Special Recognition Awards


David Smailes, Associate Professor of Political Science

Framingham State University



Frederic A. Wallace

Framingham City Historian

Framingham Historical Commission

Community Preservation Committee



FCC member Lois Levick presenting an award to Professor Smailes


FCC member Anita Dankar and Chair Mauricio Perea presenting an award to Fred Wallace



Grant Recipients in 2022 were recognized.

For details, click on the Grants 2022 link


Scholarship Awards and Entertainment


“Intersection” (Photograph) by Jake Couto, scholarship winner


“Two Faces” (Sculpture) by Chelsea Perreault, scholarship winner



Monologues performance by Kathleen Najarian, scholarship winner


Guest performance by Abby Rogers, singer and Office Manager at the Performing Arts Center of MetroWest, a Cultural Council grant recipient




Special Recognition Awards




Members of the FCC with David Slatery, Deputy Director of the Mass Cultural Council, and Mayor Charlie Sisitsky

The Framingham Cultural Council (FCC) held its annual Awards Reception on May 11 in the Costin Room of the Framingham Public Library. FCC chair Mauricio Perea served as emcee and welcomed guests to the 2023 celebration of individuals and groups contributing to the arts and culture of the community. Mayor Charlie Sisitsky, members of the City Council, Leslie White Harvey, Vice Chair of the Framingham Public Library Board of Trustees, representatives of state officials, and David Slatery, Deputy Director of the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), were among those attending.

Rita and Bill Collins Memorial Arts Scholarships were awarded to Emily Spalding (drama) first place, and Andrew Gomes (music) and Isabel Feudo (art) second place. Honorable mention recipient was Leila McIndoo (pastry art). The scholarships are given to one or more Framingham High School seniors who will be studying the arts as they continue to higher education.   

The 2023 FCC Contributor of the Year award went to the Framingham Centre Common Cultural District in recognition of the innovative public art project, “Many Cultures, One Heart.” This collaboration among local organizations and businesses highlighted the diversity of the community through the creation of a series of colorful hearts placed conspicuously in various locations throughout the city. Teacher Susan Klein, M.A., received a Special Recognition Award for her lively and engaging classes in the Framingham Adult English as a Second Language Program and at other institutions in the area, where she has had a significant positive impact on countless learners seeking to build new lives for themselves here and in neighboring communities.

A number of representatives of organizations and individuals receiving grants from the FCC for FY23 enthusiastically described their various projects and graciously expressed their thanks. David Slatery of the MCC spoke about the significance of local councils in fostering an appreciation of the arts that enrich the lives of residents. Congratulatory certificates from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts were presented to various awardees.

Entertainment was provided by scholarship winner Andrew Gomes, clown artist Bakie Bean (aka Nate Joslin of the FCC), and ventriloquist Kevin Driscoll, who was also a grant recipient. Refreshments were furnished by the Framingham Public Library, which hosted the event.



Collins Scholarship winners Isabel Feudo, Andrew Gomes, and Emily Spalding



FCC Chair Mauricio Perea presenting the Contributor of the Year Award to Jill Schindler of the Framingham Centre Common Cultural District


ESOL teacher Susan Klein accepting her Special Recognition Award