Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission preserves the character of designated historic districts in Framingham through a review/advisory process.

Board/Commission Duties

Reviews and approves/rejects or modifies external changes that are viewable from a public way in structures located in designated historic districts in Framingham.

Membership Responsibilities

Members are responsible for attending monthly meetings; reviewing applications for changes in structures; approving, rejecting those changes or recommending modifications; and periodically providing input on broader issues related to historic preservation in Frmingham.

Member Skillset

Members have skill sets in architecture, historic preservation, construction, law and landscape architecture and/or are residents of historic districts.

Meeting Information

Meeting dates/occurrence: First Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room 2 of the Memorial Building (150 Concord Street, Framingham, MA 01702). For more information about the Historic District Commission's meeting schedule call 508-532-5455. Hearing schedules can vary. Please confirm with City Clerk 508-532-5520, or check the Meeting Postal for Agendas and Minutes.

Members of the Historic District Commission

Term Expiration
Stephen Greeley Chair October 2020
Helen Lemoine Member  Expired
Ted Grenham Member (Realtor) Expired
Henry Field Member Expired
Susan Bernstein Member June 30, 2018
Amy Finstein Member (Architectural Historian) June 30, 2018
Julie Ferrari Member Expired
Jim Kubat Member (Architect) June 30, 2019
Ken Nowell Member June 30, 2019
Andrew Mackin Member (General Contractor) Expired
Calvin Smith Member (District Resident) June 30, 2018