Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission preserves the character of designated historic districts in Framingham through a review/advisory process.

Board/Commission Duties

Reviews and approves/rejects or modifies external changes that are viewable from a public way in structures located in designated historic districts in Framingham.

Membership Responsibilities

Members are responsible for attending monthly meetings; reviewing applications for changes in structures; approving, rejecting those changes or recommending modifications; and periodically providing input on broader issues related to historic preservation in Framingham.

Member Skillset

Members have skill sets in architecture, historic preservation, construction, law and landscape architecture and/or are residents of historic districts.

Meeting Information

Meeting dates/occurrence: Second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in Conference Room 2 of the Memorial Building (150 Concord Street, Framingham, MA 01702). For more information about the Historic District Commission's meeting schedule call 508-532-5455. Hearing schedules can vary. Please confirm with City Clerk 508-532-5520, or check the Meeting Postal for Agendas and Minutes.

Members of the Historic District Commission

Term Expiration
Amy Finstein Chair - Architectural Historian June 2024
Andrew Mackin Vice Chair- District Owner Resident 
(Construction Engineer)
June 2025
Susan Bernstein Member - Realtor  June 2023
Henry Field Member - Attorney  June 2024
Kenneth Nowell Member - At-large (Historic Preservation) June 2023
James Kubat Member - At-large (Architect) June 2022
Paul Charboneau Alternate - District Owner Resident June 2025
Edward  "Ted" Grenham Alternate - Realtor June 2024
Paul Silva Alternate - Realtor  June 2024
Vacant  Alternate  
Vacant  Alternate