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Framingham Cultural Council FY2022 Annual Report

The council is responsible for ensuring that Mass Cultural Council and other local Framingham funds are distributed broadly to Framingham’s creative community through grants, awards, scholarships, and other forms of public awareness and recognition, and reflect the city’s cultural diversity.

This 2022 The Massachusetts Cultural Council gave to The Framingham Cultural Council $46,706 a 27% increase over last year’s $33,800. We received 40 grant applications requesting a total of $55,977.

In addition to that we received more funds to provide three Scholarships awards given by the Rita and Bill Collins Memorial Arts Scholarship funds to graduating high school students to help further education in the arts and related fields. This scholarship award went to Kathleen Najarian (drama), Chelsea Perreault (ceramics), and Jake Coutu (photography). 

Framingham Cultural Council gave a Special Recognition Award to David A. Smailes, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Political Science at Framingham State University and Special Recognition Award to Frederic A. Wallace, Ph.D. City Historian from Framingham History Commission and Community Preservation Committee.

The FCC was delighted to introduce a new website with information on the grant award process, all of the 2022 grant awardees (including pictures and links), the arts scholarship, and the award receptions.  Also available on the website is a new member welcome kit, loaded with information and links to help new FCC members become integrated quickly and seamlessly, as well as to provide a reference for existing members.

Framingham Cultural Council held a reception awards event with the attendance of the scholarship grantees, the special recognition awarded gentleman mentioned before, and some of the Mass Cultural Council awardees plus the attendance of Charlie Sisitsky Framingham Mayor, Dr. Robert Tremblay FPS Superintendent of Schools, Jack Patrick Lewis Framingham State Representative and Ricardo Guillaume from Mass Cultural Council.

Framingham Cultural Council hold meetings with different Framingham organization to increase unity through cultural objectives and stronger public reach out.

Framingham Cultural Council holds a hybrid meeting with Zoom technology and the presence of the members. The current members are shown below.

Mauricio Perea (Chair), Rick Gelfand (Vice-Chair),  Joel Winett (Treasurer), Anita Danker (Clerk), Lois Levick, Charlie Kiefer, Debbie Kardon and Nate Joslin.