Online Bill Payment

rENEW your Dog License

Renew a previously licensed dog(s). If your dog’s rabies vaccination has expired you will need to renew by mail or in person. Please call 508-381-5455 with any questions regarding online payments.

Making a Payment

You may pay bills via online bill payment for real estate/personal property, excise, parking, and water. We also accept credit card payments over the phone through City Hall Systems, please call 508-381-5455. Please note that the same fees apply.

Online Bill Payment

The City of Framingham accepts ACH debits/electronic checks (electronic fund transfer from your checking or savings account) and credit/debit card payments.

Convenience Charges

Convenience fees cover various administrative costs associated with processing these types of payments and are non-refundable. The convenience fee is automatically calculated and is shown on the payment page before you submit your payment for processing. Convenience fees will appear as a separate charge from the bill amount on your bank or credit card statement. 

Use of a charge or debit card will incur a convenience fee based on a percentage of the amount paid and depending on the type the card used. The fee when using an ACH debit is flat rate no matter the bill amount. The City of Framingham receives only the bill payment amount.

Returned Payments

Under General Laws (ter.ed) Chapter 60 Section 57A, any returned payment is subject to a penalty charge of $25 for checks under $2,500 and 1% for checks over $2,500 from the City of Framingham as well as a penalty fee from your own banking institution. Please note that the City of Framingham’s banking institution deposits returned checks a 2nd time if they do not clear the 1st time.

Payment Information

Please note if a payment is not made via this online service the payment may not reflect on the account. Please contact the office if you have payment inquiries at 508-532-5430.

Your Tax Bills & Water / Sewer Bills are Now Available Online

  • Online Payment fees: 2.95% for major credit cards and ACH payments $0.50
  • Register and Pay online with City Hall Systems to pay or view your all your bills online

Excise Bill / Parking Ticket

  • To pay a current parking ticket or Excise bill, go to City Hall Systems 
    • Online Payment fees: 2.95% for credit cards and ACH $0.50.
  • Pay All Past Due bills on Kelley and Ryan website 
    • Online Payment fees: 3.2% for credit cards and ACH $0.50.

Commuter Parking Payments

If you are an existing pass-holder for the Pearl Street or Waverly Street Parking lots; payments can now be made online by visiting City Hall Systems.

Payment fees are 2.95% for all major credit cards and ACH payments are $0.50.

Online Bulky Item Ordering Now Available

In addition to scheduling bulky item pickups in person at the Public Works Office in the Memorial Building or at the Recycling Center on Mt. Wayte Avenue, residents can now schedule pickups online.