Traffic Commission

Our Role

In accordance with Framingham Home Rule Charter, Article V, Section 6 (a), “There shall be a traffic commission which shall consist of the police chief, the fire chief, the director of public works, the superintendent of schools, or their designees, and four residents: one from the business community, one from the downtown area (defined as the area within a one-mile radius of the intersection of Routes 126 and 135), and two residents at-large. All resident members shall be appointed by the mayor. Such appointed members shall serve for three (3) year terms.”

Commission Members

Term Expiration
Paul Barden
Department of Public Works Representative;Chair

Harry Wareham
Police Representative; Vice Chair

Steven P. CrociCommissioner Representing Routes 126 and 135March 20, 2020
Mary Ann FlahertyCommissioner At LargeMarch 20, 2019
Commissioner Representing the Business CommunityTBC
Bruce N. YeamansCommissioner At LargeMarch 20, 2019
Harry Wareham