Community Input Survey 2023


NOTE:  Respondents are heavily older, white, English speakers, who are aware of FCC grants, which probably skews the results.

  • Total responses:  168
  • Framingham residents:  90%
  • English speakers: 95%
  • Aware of FCC grants:  79%
  • Over 30:  99.4%, Over 65:  46%
  • White:  84%

Types of Projects

NOTES:  Overall there is an emphasis on live performances (music festivals, concerts, plays) and celebrating diversity.   

Diversity and plays appear in two of the listed types of projects.

Population segments to focus on

NOTE:  The two top vote-getters were Families and Seniors.  The two bottom vote-getters were non-English speakers and Single Adults.  This is likely related to the demography of the respondents (above).