Welcoming Ordinance Commission

The Framingham Welcoming Committee was created to interact and support the City’s large immigrant population. Framingham has a very diverse population including a large percentage of immigrants categorized as foreign-born including both documented and undocumented individuals. Roughly 85% of the businesses in Downtown Framingham are owned by immigrant entrepreneurs who greatly contribute to the city's economy. Immigrants often experience unique stresses, prejudice, and constant fear of family separation due to anti-immigration policies enforced by the federal government including deportation. Many Framingham immigrant residents fear that calling 911, speaking to the police, or appearing in Framingham Court hearings will lead to separation from family members —especially their children —making these residents more vulnerable to domestic abuse, wage theft, and other crimes.

The goal of this group is to develop a welcoming ordinance that will help to build trust between immigrants, the City administration and City departments.


This committee will work together to develop a welcoming ordinance that will help to build trust between immigrants, the City administration and City departments.


Pursuant to Article III, Section 3(b) of the Charter, the Mayor shall strive to the extent practicable to seek appointees to the Council reflecting both demographic and geographic diversity of membership (p. 24). We strive to build a strong group of committed individuals who reflect the ethnic, social, and economic diversity of Framingham.


The Welcoming Committee shall be comprised of nine members. The Council will elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, and clerk from the district. Members follow the Conflict of Interest Laws. Members abide by the Local, State, and Federal Rules and Regulations.

Membership Composition:

  • Mayor (chair)
  • Three (3) City Councilors appointed by the Chair of the City Council
  • One (1) Member from the Framingham School Committee, Appointed by the School Committee Chair
  • One (1) Member from the Framingham Police Department, appointed by the Chief of Police
  • Two (2) Members from the community, appointed by the Mayor
  • One (1) Member from MetroWest Legal Services
Mayor Charlie Sisitsky Mayor 
Adam Steiner City Council 
Cesar G. Stewart-Morales City Council
Leora Mallach City Council 
Priscila Sousa School Committee Representative 
Deputy Chief Pereira Framingham Police Department Representative 
Kathryn Grace Metrowest Legal Services Representative 
Jennifer OllingtonMetrowest Legal Services Representative
Nayagara Viera Mayor appointee 
Hodari Cail Mayor appointee