Park & Recreation Commission

Parks and Recreation Commissioners generally represent the community and typically have expertise in the areas of parks (landscaping or athletic fields, recreation (activities, leagues, or cultural events), youth sports (organized and pick-up), natural resources, public health, and construction. They have a sound understanding of how the department collaborates with the community to accomplish what would surely be impossible if done alone. We value the relationship we have with our neighbors, residents, organizations, and other departments and leverage their assistance to support or fund various projects that would otherwise not be completed.

There shall be a Parks and Recreation Commission, appointed by the Mayor, consisting of five members each with a term of three years such that the term of no more than two members shall expire in the same year.

Our Role

The role of the commission shall include:

  • Performing statutory functions assigned to Parks and Recreation Commissions.
  • Promoting the use of and advocating the benefits of parks and recreational services.
  • Suggesting recreational programs to be implemented by the Park and Recreation Department.
  • Advising the Mayor in the areas of public policy and long-range planning of recreation facilities for community use and public enjoyment.

Commission Members

Term Expiration
Kathy Hauck Chair June 30, 2024 District 3
Dave Gudejko Vice Chair June 2026 District 1
Jose Ferreira Member June 2025 District 9
Tony Tolson Member June 2025 District 3
Jeanne Bizzoco Member June 2024 District 5

Membership Responsibilities

In cooperation with the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Division Director, successfully carry out the above duties.

Member Skillset

You must be a resident of Framingham in order to be eligible for an appointment.

Currently, Commissioners have the following experience and skillsets that have led to the Commissions success and are desirable in a potential candidate:

  • Experience with both passive and active recreation development;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Division’s mission statement;
  • Community event planning and management;
  • An understanding of all aspects within a community youth athletic organization;
  • Community activism in both political and cultural environments;
  • Experience with non-profits that directly benefit the Framingham Community;
  • Knowledge of Framingham passive and active recreational facilities;
  • Working knowledge of construction;
  • Experience with budget management;
  • Marketing experience;
  • Experience with receiving feedback and requests from community members, and making informed decisions while taking the Division’s mission statement, Community resources, and the best interest of the City into consideration.

Meeting Information

Meeting dates/occurrence: The second Tuesday of each month or as needed.