Fair Housing Committee

The Fair Housing Committee works to promote access to decent, safe and affordable housing for all segments of the community to the maximum extent feasible. The Fair Housing Committee accomplishes this through the study of issues, public education and advocacy. The Committee is comprised of 13 members. Four members are ex-officio appointments for 1-year terms and represent the Human Relations Commission, the Community and Economic Development Department, the Planning Board and the Framingham Housing Authority. The nine other members should be broadly representative of segments of the community, active and interested in the housing market.

Learn more about the Committee and fair housing by visiting our Fair Housing page.

Members of the Fair Housing Committee

Term Expiration
Harold Moran Clerk June 2021
William Zompetti Member June 2021
Esta Montano Member June 2023
Timothy Hamilton Member June 2022
Danya DelMonaco Member June 2023
Jessica Whitfield Member June 2023
Joanne Michaud Member June 2022
Bradley Bonzey Member June 2023
Eliot Yaffa Community Development Representative (ex-officio) Indefinite 
Jose Ivan Roman Human Relations Commission Representative (ex-officio) June 2021
Vacant Planning Board Representative (ex-officio)  
Vacant Framingham Housing Authority Representative  (ex-officio)  
Vacant Member June 2022