City Boards, Commissions, Committees & Officers

The Mayor shall appoint the members of committees, boards, commission or officers for whom no other method of appointment or selection is provided by the Charter. All such members of committees, boards, commission or officers, with the exception of members of the board of assessors, shall be residents of Framingham. 

The Mayor may also appoint such ad hoc committees or working groups as the Mayor deems appropriate to advise the Mayor on matters affecting the municipality. The Mayor shall strive to the extent practicable to seek appointees to such committees, boards, commissions and/or offices from the entire city, reflecting both demographic and geographic diversity of membership.

In some cases, the nominated appointee must have their nominations approved by the City Council.

How to Apply for membership 

Boards/Commissions marked (*) require a cover letter and resume.  Please note, boards within this category may also require specific skill sets, educational and professional backgrounds. 

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