Charter Commission Documents

Final Charter & Reports

Here is the Charter report which will be mailed to households in coming weeks. This document contains the Charter, a majority report signed by 8 of the 9 members discussing why they support the Charter, and a minority report signed by one member describing why she does not. The last page of this report shows a “ballot summary” of how the question will appear on the Spring election ballot. We hope you find this helpful as you decide how to vote. Please note that there will be neighborhood information sessions in the upcoming weeks to learn more about the new features in this Charter.

Final Charter (PDF)

Basic Information about the Charter

A number of people have requested a summary of charter features in order to understand the key features without having to read through the sometimes legalist list language of the charter. To help with this, we’ve created a Charter Question and Answers document and an Overview Powerpoint. They are each linked below. We’ve also placed the proposed district map and the latest draft here:

Government Organization & Transition

Framingham Charter Master Drafts

We welcome comments on any parts of the charter to the Charter Commission via email and would love to see people at the January 4, 2017 Public Hearing at 7 p.m. at Framingham High School.

Article II: Legislative Branch Documents

Selected Articles I,III-IX: Executive Branch, School Committee, Fiscal Procedures & Elected Officials

Charter Commission Documents

Administrative Organization Subcommittee Working Documents

Public Feedback on Charter