Charter Commission

The Charter Commission elected by the voters of Framingham is charged by law with preparing a written instrument pursuant to the provisions of chapter forty-three B which establishes and defines the structure of city and town government for a particular community and which may create local offices, and distribute powers, duties and responsibilities among local offices and which may establish and define certain procedures to be followed by the city or town government. This document, called a Charter, is then submitted to the voters at the next town election, and if approved by the voters, serves like Framingham's constitution. Please check the Public Meeting Portal for Future Meeting of the Charter Commission.

"The documents page has a number of files, including the most recent drafts of the Charter and public feedback on our work.” Visit the Charter Commissions Documents page.

Final Charter & Reports

Here is the Charter report which will be mailed to households in coming weeks. This document contains the Charter, a majority report signed by 8 of the 9 members discussing why they support the Charter, and a minority report signed by one member describing why she does not. The last page of this report shows a “ballot summary” of how the question will appear on the Spring election ballot. We hope you find this helpful as you decide how to vote. Please note that there will be neighborhood information sessions in the upcoming weeks to learn more about the new features in this Charter.

Proposed Precinct Districts

The image below depicts the proposed precinct districts as follows:

  • District 1: Precincts 1 and 2
  • District 2: Precincts 3 and 5
  • District 3: Precincts 4 and 7
  • District 4: Precincts 6 and 9
  • District 5: Precincts 8 and 12
  • District 6: Precincts 10 and 11
  • District 7: Precincts 13 and 14
  • District 8: Precincts 15 and 18
  • District 9: Precincts 16 and 17
Proposed Precinct-District Map (PDF)


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Links to the Communities that the Charter Commission will be meeting with from the Collins Center:

Please note that the Marlborough “charter” is a pre-home rule amendment statute (MGL,c. 43) containing both features generic to all plans and specific provisions for the individual “Plans” (labeled A - F). The City of Marlborough operates under Plan B, commonly referenced as the “weak mayor” plan. Chapter 43 plans do not reflect the usual features of home rule or special act charters adopted since the home rule amendment’s adoption in 1966. Only 12 Massachusetts cities now operate under “Plan” governments. Lowell is also a pre-home rule Plan charter (Plan E), and the city also has special legislation which expands upon some of the plan features.

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