Message from the Administration – As a result of Joint Executive Order No. EO2020-005 from Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer and Retired Chief of Police Steven D. Trask, We are proud to announce that the Framingham Police Department has fully incorporated the principles identified by the “8 Can’t Wait” Campaign into the Department’s Use of Force and related policies. These comprehensive policy amendments were the result of a collaborative process involving the Department’s administration, subject matter experts, and the elected leadership of both police unions. The “8 Can’t Wait” can be identified throughout policy in bold lettering.

In March of this year, the Department updated and transformed its policy on the Prevention and Identification of Gender and Racial Profiling to a more comprehensive policy on unbiased policing. These policies are posted on the Department’s website and the public is invited to review them.

The Framingham Police Department is currently exploring training opportunities and we will ensure that all Framingham Police Officers are trained in key areas beyond the minimums required by the Municipal Police Training Committee. The Department has already trained officers in de-escalation, the recognition, and prevention of implicit and explicit bias, diversity, and other related topics. The Department looks forward to expanding this training in the near future. The Department is firmly committed to addressing inequities and delivering exceptional police services through community partnership and engagement.

We are working closely with our mental health partners to expand the extremely successful Jail Diversion Program, which partners highly trained mental health clinicians with Framingham Police Officers to provide unparalleled on-scene crisis intervention, de-escalation, and crisis counseling. The Department initiated this overwhelmingly successful program in 2003 and it has been replicated by fifteen (15) Massachusetts Police Departments. This co-responder model has been nationally recognized as one of the most effective ways to address community mental health issues and we look forward to further expansion and replication.  

The replacement of the Civil Service System, over the next few months, will allow the Department to attract and hire extremely well-qualified candidates and move us towards our goal of ensuring that the Framingham Police Department truly reflects our city’s diversity.

We would also like to remind residents that the Department has a commendation and complaint procedure which can also be found on the city’s website. All complaints will be reviewed, evaluated, investigated, and addressed appropriately.  

Rest assured, the Framingham Police Department is made up of a professional and hardworking group of men and women who take their jobs seriously and strive for excellence. The Department recently earned re-accreditation from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission and we have been fully accredited since 2005. Accreditation represents a prestigious and significant achievement demonstrating the Department’s strong commitment to excellence in policing.  

The Framingham Police Department has the reputation of being one of the finest police departments in Massachusetts. However, we realize that there is always room for improvement and there can never be too much community partnership and engagement. We are looking forward to building on our successes and strengthening our partnerships so that we are fully responsive to the community’s needs and priorities. The Department looks forward to thoughtful conversations with the community.