Traffic-Safety Division

Stealth Program

For any road situation there will be a spread of vehicle speeds. There's an average speed of vehicles and some travel faster and some slower. The 50th percentile speed is the speed which 50% of vehicles are not exceeding (equally it's the speed which 50% of vehicles are exceeding). The 85th percentile speed of vehicles passing a given point is the speed at or below which 85% of the vehicles passing the point are traveling.

This is the principle value used for establishing speed controls. This method assumes that the majority of motorists are prudent and capable of selecting safe speeds; therefore, speeds established in this manner meet the legal requirement that they be reasonable and proper.

Speed Control Research

Plenty of research has shown that the safest group of vehicles are traveling at or below the 85th to 90th percentiles. Research shows that crash risk alters with speed and this is shown by the red crash risk curve.

At the 85th to 90th percentiles we tend to find drivers with above average skill and competence, and this is why their crash risk is the lowest. Above the 90th percentile we tend to find drivers exceeding safe limits and their accident risk increases as a consequence.

Note: That the "average" driver at the 50th percentile has a greater crash risk than the 85th percentile driver. Below the 30th percentile crash risk is significantly increased and these speeds tend to be used by less skilled and competent drivers.

This leads to engineering recommendations that speed limits should normally be set at around the 85th or 90th percentile speed of traffic under good conditions. There may well be some of the very safest drivers somewhat above the 90th percentile. If you are interested in stealth results in your neighborhood, contact the Safety Division.

Parking Restrictions

Odd / Even Parking

The City of Framingham enforces a year-round odd / even side parking restriction program. During even years parking is allowed on the even-numbered side of streets from January 1st to December 31st. During odd years parking is allowed on the odd-numbered side from January 1st to December 31st. Centrally located signs displaying odd or even restrictions according to the year exist in 22 locations throughout town. Yearly changes are broadcast through the media and with the City's rapid telephone notification system.

This restriction is enforced on a block-by-block basis. An exception to this would be (for example) if during an even year, a street has several blocks of intersecting streets along its length and 1 block between intersecting streets had preexisting town signs prohibiting parking year-round on the even-numbered side, residents could legally park on the odd-numbered side - only for that affected block - regardless of odd or even years.

Weather Emergency Parking Ban

When a snow emergency is declared by the Mayor, parking is prohibited on all arterial roads in town. These roads are posted with red and white signs. View a list of arterial roads.

Residents and motorists are advised to seek off-street parking during town snow plowing operations, as any vehicle obstructing or interfering with plowing operations is subject to ticketing and towing regardless of existing parking regulations for that particular street.

Odd/even parking restrictions exist on all arterial and non-arterial roads in town, including the resident parking zone and three hour parking zones described below

Resident Parking Zone

A sticker-based resident parking program is in place for 1 Resident Parking Sticker Zone (PDF). Resident stickers may be purchased through the Treasurer's Office and expire on December 31st of each year. An Application Form (PDF) may be printed online and contain requirements for obtaining stickers.

Temporary Parking Permits

If you just moved in and you're in the process of re-registering your vehicle, you may qualify for a temporary parking permit. You must bring a lease or proof of residency along with your vehicle registration. Qualified applicants will be required to pay the yearly application fee of $10 described above. Temporary passes will be valid for 45 days. Prior to the expiration of the temporary pass, the recipient must return to the Treasurer's Office and provide proof of residency as described in Number 3.

Note: Applicants are only eligible for 1 temporary permit per year.

Three-Hour Parking Zones

There are several 3-hour parking restrictions zones in town, they are:

  • Framingham Downtown Zone
  • Framingham State University / Framingham Center Zone
  • Framingham High School Zone

View the list of streets within these parking zones that have 3-Hour Restrictions (PDF).