Areas Covered

The City of Framingham Police Department provides 24-hour coverage through 3 police patrol shifts. Each shift assigns Officers to specific geographical boundaries called police areas. Patrol Officers are the 1st to respond to situations that vary from:

  • Accidents (Motor Vehicle, Household, Industrial)
  • Armed robbery
  • Breaking and entry
  • Domestic disturbances
  • Intoxicated persons
  • Lost children
  • Medical emergencies
  • Murders
  • And more

All uniformed officers are trained as 1st responders and are certified to use semi-automated defibrillators for assisting victims in cardiac arrest. Each on-duty cruiser is equipped with one of these lifesaving devices. Uniform patrol is a very diverse and challenging position, which requires dedicated and resourceful men and women working together.

Area A

This area covers the southern portion of town bordering Ashland, Sherborn, and Natick. The police function within this area is well entrenched into the tenets of Community-Oriented Policing, and those officers and employees working within the area have established very close bonds with the citizens they serve.

Area B

This area serves the downtown area of Framingham and is a unique and ethnically diverse part of our community. In addition there is a wide range of housing from homes dating back to the founding of Framingham, to brand new dwellings.

Framingham State College also is located in this patrol area.

Area C

This area encompasses both an entertainment district, comprised of restaurants, night clubs, retail shopping, along with a community of single and multi-family housing. Route 9, long called the Golden Mile, is the main focus of this area. It includes Shoppers World as well as many other retail establishments.

Area D

The far north area of Framingham encompasses 1/3 of the geographic area of the town. It continues to experience tremendous growth in single and multi-family residences.