Senior Citizen's Parking

Any resident of Framingham, over the age of 65, may apply for a senior citizen's parking sticker. The motor vehicle must be owned and operated by a senior citizen. This sticker allows you to park at any city-owned parking metered space for 2 hours in downtown Framingham.


This permit does not authorize the operator to park in any restricted area or to be exempt from any other parking violation. This permit will not be valid for free meter parking in any other town or city. This permit is not valid if the motor vehicle to which it is affixed is being operated by someone other than the senior citizen.

How to Apply

To apply for the senior citizen parking sticker, call the Tripoli Substation at 508–532–5604 to make an appointment. Stickers will be issued out of the Tripoli Substation at 904 Waverly Street during your appointment time. You must bring the motor vehicle registration and your driver’s license.