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The City of Framingham is pleased to announce the Framingham Community Electricity program, a municipal electricity aggregation, which is a type of group electricity purchasing program for Framingham residents and businesses. 

Through Framingham Community Electricity, the City will use its collective buying power to increase the amount of renewable electricity in the community’s electricity supply. The program will also provide new electricity choices, giving Framingham electricity customers greater control over the price and environmental impact of the electricity they use. Residents and businesses will also be able to determine whether they want to participate in the program altogether - there will be no penalty or fee to opt out of the program and residents and businesses may do so at any time. While Framingham Community Electricity will not be able to guarantee lower prices compared with Eversource’s Basic Service prices, the City is committed to working toward providing prices that are competitive and stable for the long term.

Once Framingham Community Electricity launches, Eversource will continue to deliver electricity to Framingham without interruption, and Framingham Community Electricity will not replace Eversource as the City’s electric utility. Rather, the program will be integrated into the Eversource bill, changing the price used to calculate the Supply charge from Eversource’s Basic Service price to a Framingham price.

Overview of the Framingham Community Electricity Structure

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Public Presentation(s): 

The presentation of Framingham's community electricity program occurred on May 2, 2023. A video of the presentation can be found here and below.

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Framingham City Council: Tuesday, May 2 2023 at 7:00 PM

Link to presentation on the Framingham Government Channel. 

Framingham Community Electricity Documents: 

Hard copies of these documents are available for review at the City Clerk's Office.

Provide Comments on Framingham Community Electricity: 

We encourage residents and businesses to provide comments on the proposed program. Please ensure to provide written comments on above program documents by June 1, 2023 using either through email or U.S. mail using the appropriate address below: 

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Via Email
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Via U.S. Mail
Shawn Luz, Attention: Framingham Community Electricity, City of Framingham, 150 Concord Street Room #133, Framingham, MA 01702

Learn More: 

You can learn more about Framingham Community Electricity, including information about how aggregation programs work, the implementation process, and answers to commonly-asked questions on the new Framingham Community Electricity website.Framingham Community Electricity Logo #2

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