Waste & Recycling

Learn About Curbside Recycling

In order to promote higher rates of recycling, the Department of Public Works administers an expansive Curbside Single-Stream Recycling Program for the residents and business of Framingham.

Unsure about what can be recycled? The Department of Public Works’ Waste Wizard can help you figure out what can go in your recycling cart and what should be put in the trash.

Recycle Your Textiles

Did you know that you can recycle used clothing and shoes? As of February 2018, the Department of Public Works has organized a Textile Recycling Program with Simple Recycling, a vendor of the City of Framingham, to collect these items on your regular collection day when placed in the pink bags.

By re-purposing textiles through this program instead of disposing of them in the trash, you can help divert these reusable items away from landfills.

You can also donate your unwanted footwear, clothing, accessories, and linens at the Framingham Recycling Drop-off Center at 255 Mt Wayte Avenue. All proceeds from clothing donations go to the Framingham High School Scholarship.


The City of Framingham’s Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw became effective on January 1, 2018 and prohibits thin-film single-use plastic bags with handles from being distributed at checkout at retail locations.

It is important that you do not put plastic bags and wraps in your curbside recycling bin. These items can get tangled in processing equipment at recycling plants, increasing the risk for damage and worker injury. To safely recycle plastic bags or film that you currently have, bring them to retailers in Framingham that accept the recycling at no cost. A list of participating retailers can be found by zip code on a Drop-Off Directory Search Tool provided by the Wrap Recycling Action Program (WRAP).

Remember to use reusable bags and keep them with you! By not using single-use thin-film plastic bags, you help reduce unnecessary waste, protect the environment and local wildlife, as well as help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.


Compost! Turn your food waste into an asset for any lawn or garden project. In addition to the creation of healthy soil, composting diverts food waste away from landfills.

The City of Framingham sells compost containers for $25 at the Recycling Drop-off Center at 255 Mt. Wayte Avenue. The Sanitation Division has provided helpful information to help you start your own compost project on its Composting Information webpage.