Solar Energy in Framingham

The GRowth of solar energy

According to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC), the first fully-registered photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system in Framingham was built in 2004 and added 4.2 kW of clean energy production capacity in the city. Accompanying major technological, financial, and legislative developments that have occurred over the course of the 15 years since then, Framingham’s relationship with renewable energy has evolved as solar energy systems have spread from one installation to hundreds across homes and businesses throughout the community.

With over 23,085.12 kW (23 MW) DC spread across the rooftops, parking lots, and land in the city and production capacity of approximately 320 watts per capita, Framingham’s installed solar capacity places it within the top 20% of states. By the end of 2018, 1,054 solar energy systems that were fully-registered in the Mass CEC’s Production Tracking System (PTS) were responsible for producing an estimated 27,098,237.26 kWh in Framingham, representing approximately 4 - 5% of the city’s total electricity use.