Composting Information

Compost Bins 
The Sanitation Division has sturdy backyard composter bins available for purchase at the Recycling Drop Off Center, 255 Mt. Wayte Ave. Bins are $25 each and are available while supplies last.

View compost bin specifications here

Please inquire in advance to ensure availability.
Contact the Sanitation Division at 508-532-6001 or 


Have you ever wanted to compost but weren't sure how? Composting is fun and has a positive impact on your garden.

What you need: Two types of material are needed: brown and green. Brown material includes dried leaves and grass clippings, shredded brown paper bags or straw (without seeds). Green material includes vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, house plants and best of all fresh cow manure. For added fun, you can purchase on-line Red Wiggler worms to speed up the composting process; just remember that these worms need to be fed regularly, or else they will attempt to leave the pile, so regular contributions to the compost pile are necessary.

Why composting is important: It is an economical way to add nutrient-rich organic soil to any garden or lawn project.

How to compost like a pro

Video courtesy of MassDEP


  • First, buy or make yourself a compost container. 
  • Gather some green material and brown material (mentioned above).
  • Add these materials in a 3 to 1 ratio in layers to your compost container.
    Let your waste materials set awhile, a month or so is fine, and then stir it with a shovel.
  • If the material is too dry, add a little water to the pile.
  • Compost happens. You will get composted material if you do nothing but add material to your pile, it will just take longer to breakdown. So, be sure to “shake it up.”
  • Your compost is ready when it is a rich dark black color and has a crumbly texture.