Curbside Recycling


Recycling carts are provided to residential dwellings of up to four dwelling units that receive trash service by the City.

Recyclables are collected every week. Recycling is single-stream and fully automated. Meaning, that only materials placed inside your cart will be collected. There is no need to sort or separate, as all materials will be sorted at the processing plant.

When is my collection day?

Residents can view their collection day by scrolling to their street on the list of streets in Framingham. View the list of streets.

Collection Information & Schedule

  • Your recycling will be picked up curbside once each week.
  • All collections must be placed curbside by 7 a.m. on the pick-up day, but no earlier than 6 p.m. the night before.
  • Place your cart with the wheels and the handles away from the street, at least three feet away from your trash cart and other objects. 
  • If you live on a one-way street please place your cart on the right side of the road in the direction of travel. Recycling carts not moved to the right side of the road will not be collected 
  • Recycling receptacles must be removed from the curb by midnight following collection.

On weeks with a holiday, there will be no trash or recycling pickup on the day of the holiday. Your trash and recycling will be picked up the next day, and everyone else whose collection day follows the holiday will have their refuse picked up one day later than usual. 

Recycling Cart Information 

Each cart has a serial number and an embedded RFID tag to identify the owner and location. These carts are the property of the City of Framingham, and should you relocate, they must stay at the address to which they are delivered.

All recycling must fit into the cart with the lid closed. No recycling may be placed for pick up next to a cart nor on top of a cart.

For questions or to request a larger cart, please call the Solid Waste Division at 508-532-6001.

What can I recycle?

The recycling market is constantly changing; therefore, items accepted in your curbside recycling cart are subject to change. Not all items with a recycling symbol are accepted in your curbside bin. 


Images of aluminum and steel cansImages of glass bottles and jarsPlastic Containers, Recipientes de Plástico/ Recipientes PlásticosImages of magazines, newspaper, and cardboard.
Aluminum and Steel Cans
Empty and rinse
Latas de alumínito e aço
Vazias e enxaguadas

De aluminio y latas de acero
Vaciar y enjugar 
Bottles and Jars 
Empty and rinse
Garrafas e Frascos
vazios e enxaguados
Botellas y frascos
vaciar y enjugar
Kitchen, Laundry, Bath Bottles and Containers Empty and replace cap, no black plastic

Cozinha, Lavanderia, Garrafas de Banho e Recipientes
Vazio e trocar tampa

De Cocina, De Lavanderia, botellas y recipientes de Baño
Vaciar y reemplazar la tapa
Mixed Paper, Newspaper, Magazines, and Flattened Cardboard 

Papel Misto, Jornal, Revistas e Papelão Achatado 

Papel Mixto, periódico, revistas, y cartones aclamados

Please ensure that all recyclables are empty, clean, and free of food residue. Do not bag recyclable materials

NO!/ NÃO!/ ¡NO! :

image of a trash bag crossed out in red
Do not bag recyclables. No garbage! 
Não coloque recicláveis em sacolas. Sem lixo!
No enbolde los reciclables. ¡No basura!
image of a plastic bag crossed out in red
No plastic bags or plastic wrap. (return to retail) 
Não coloque sacos de plástico ou filme plástico. (retorne ao varejo) 
No bolsas pláticas o envolturas de plástico. (Devuelva a la tienda)
image of liquids crossed out in red
No food or liquid. (empty all containers) 
Sem comida ou líquido. (esvazie todos os recipients)
 No comida or líquido. (vaciar todos los recipientes)
image of clothing crossed out in red
No clothing or linens. (use the Textile Recycling Donation Program)
Nenhuma roupa ou roupa de cama. (use programas de doação)
No ropa o ropa de cama. (use el programa de donación)
No tanglers (no hoses, wires, chains, or electronics)

Não coloque mangueiras (fios, correntes ou eletrônicos

No enredadores (no mangueras, cables, cadenass, o cosas electronicas)

View more information about items that should and should not be recycled here.

Visit the Beyond the Bin directory to find out how and where to donate or recycle items that can’t go in your home recycling bin but are too good to trash.