Volunteer Opportunities

The Callahan Center professional staff coordinates volunteer opportunities for Framingham’s 55+ residents and younger people who would like to engage with people 55+. The volunteer program is designed to help seniors by assisting them at home or at the Callahan Center with a variety of tasks like attending programs, resident outreach, assistance using electronics, guidance on local resources available, help with yard work, sewing, crocheting, light gardening, minor home repair projects, transportation, translating documents or information and more.  


Volunteering not only helps others, but it also helps you, the volunteer. We, as humans, are designed to be social. As we age, many of us find ourselves alone more often, as friends and family pass on or move away. Human connections help us thrive. Volunteering gives you purpose and helps those in need. It’s a win/win! Being a volunteer is a very rewarding experience. 

Please contact Roberta Ho for more information: rho@framinghamma.gov or call 508-532-5980, ext. 4102.