Playgrounds with Equipment

The following facilities are available for Framingham residents and their guests. All group activities require a special permit from the Parks and Recreation Office. All outdoor facilities close at dusk, except where night lighting is provided. Please note that school playgrounds are available after school hours.

Playgrounds & Locations

  • Anna Murphy: Cove Street and Lake Avenue
  • Apple Street Playground: Bethany Road (off Route 135)
  • Arlington Street Playground: Arlington Street and Gordon Street (just outside downtown)
  • Bates Road: Off Hollis Street (Near Ashland line)
  • Barbieri School: Dudley Road (across from Farm Pond)
  • Brophy School: Pleasant Street / Route 30
  • Butterworth Park: Grant Street and Bishop Street
  • Charlotte Dunning School: Frost Street
  • Danforth Park: Danforth Street Furber Fairbanks Road (off Route 30)
  • Farm Pond Woodland Playground: DudleyRoad
  • Hemenway School: Water Street
  • Juniper Hill School: Upper Jocelyn Avenue
  • King School: Water Street
  • Mary Dennison Park: Beaver Street
  • Mason Park: Maple Street and Franklin Street
  • McCarthy School: Flagg Drive
  • Mt. Wayte: Chautauqua Avenue
  • Oakvale: Burbank Circle (off Hadley Road)
  • Potter Road: School Potter Road
  • Reardon Park: Vanderventer Ave
  • Roosevelt Park: Fay and Seminole Avenue
  • Stapleton School: Elm Street
  • Temple School: Temple Street (between Route 9 and Pleasant Street)
  • Walsh Middle School: Brook Street
  • Woodfield: Sloane Drive and Gregory Road (off Water Street)
  • Woodrow Wilson School: Beaver and Leland Street