Construction Standards

Welcome to the Department of Public Works Construction Standards. These standards provide specifications and details for the most common construction installation of the water, sewer, drainage, roadway, and street lighting infrastructure in the City. 

Construction Standards


TOCCover, Table of Contents and DefinitionsStandard Specification
TOCCover, Table of Contents, and DefinitionsTable of Contents and Definitions (PDF)
1GeneralSection 1 - General (PDF)
2WaterSection 2 - Water (PDF)
3SewerSection 3 - Sewer (PDF)
4StormwaterSection 4 - Stormwater (PDF)
5RoadwaySection 5 - Roadway (PDF)
6Trench and Street OpeningsSection 6 - Trench and Street Openings (PDF)
7Street LightingSection 7 - Street Lighting (PDF)
8Landscaping and Tree WorkSection 8 - Landscaping and Tree Work (PDF)
9ReferencesSection 9 - References (PDF)
A - Plan Content Requirements
B - Construction Details

Appendix A (PDF)
Appendix B (PDF)
Entire2021 Construction StandardsEntire Document (PDF)

Water Detail

DetailDetail TitlePDFAutoCAD
W-2.1.0Typical Water Connection for 1" ServiceW_2.1.0 (PDF)W-2.1.0 
W-2.1.1Typical Water Connection for 1-1/2" to 2" ServiceW_2.1.1 (PDF)W-2.1.1 
W-2.1.2Typical Fire Service for 1-1/2" to 2"W_2.1.2 (PDF)W-2.1.2
W-2.1.3Typical Fire Service (Tapping Sleeve)W_2.1.3 (PDF)W-2.1.3
W-2.1.4Typical Connection (Tapping Sleeve)W_2.1.4 (PDF)W-2.1.4
W-2.2.0Typical Thrust Restraint Wedge Action Type JointsW_2.2.0 (PDF)W-2.2.0
W-2.2.1Typical Thrust Restraints Using Tie Rods and Friction ClampsW_2.2.1 (PDF)W.2.2.1
W-2.2.2Typical Thrust Block DetailsW_2.2.2 (PDF)W-2.2.2
W-2.3.0Water Main Trench DetailW_2.3.0 (PDF)W-2.3.0
W-2.4.0Gate ValveW_2.4.0 (PDF)W-2.4.0
W-2.4.1Typical Anchor Tee InstallationW_2.4.1 (PDF)W-2.4.1
W-2.4.2Air Release Valve/Blow OffW_2.4.2 (PDF)W-2.4.2
W-2.4.3Valve Location at IntersectionW_2.4.3 (PDF)W-2.4.3
W-2.4.4Water Gate CoverW_2.4.4 (PDF)W-2.4.4
W-2.5.0Fire Hydrant InstallationW_2.5.0 (PDF)W-2.5.0
W-2.6.0Water Main Lowering DetailW_2.6.0 (PDF)W-2.6.0
W-2.6.1Water Crossing Under RailroadW_2.6.1 (PDF)W-2.6.1
W-2.7.0Detail of Cut and Remove of Water Connection 4" & OverW_2.7.0 (PDF)W-2.7.0
W-2.8.0Meter InstallationW_2.8.0 (PDF)W-2.8.0

Sewer Detail

DetailDetail TitlePDFAutoCAD
S-3.1.0Service Connection (Gravity)S_3.1.0 (PDF)S-3.1.0
S-3.1.1Service Connection (Saddle)S_3.1.1 (PDF)S-3.1.1
S-3.1.2ChimneyS_3.1.2 (PDF)S-3.1.2
S-3.1.3Service Connection (Grinder)S_3.1.3 (PDF)S-3.1.3
S-3.2.0Above Grade Clean OutS_3.2.0 (PDF)S-3.2.0
S-3.3.0Plug for Abandoning Sanitary SewerS_3.3.0 (PDF)S-3.3.0
S-3.3.1Plug for Sanitary SewerS_3.3.1 (PDF)S-3.3.1
S-3.4.0Typical Sewer ManholeS_3.4.0 (PDF)S-3.4.0
S-3.4.1Typical Drop Manhole (Outside)S_3.4.1 (PDF)S-3.4.1
S-3.4.2Force Main ManholeS_3.4.2 (PDF)S-3.4.2
S-3.4.3Sewer Manhole CoverS_3.4.3 (PDF)S-3.4.3
S-3.4.4Manhole SealS_3.4.4 (PDF)S-3.4.4
S-3.5.0Sewer CrossingS_3.5.0 (PDF)S-3.5.0
S-3.6.0Backwater Valve AssemblyS_3.6.0 (PDF)S-3.6.0
S-3.7.0Typical Grease TrapS_3.7.0 (PDF)S-3.7.0
S-3.7.1Typical Grease Trap Sizing & NotesS_3.7.1 (PDF)S-3.7.1

Drainage Detail

DetailDetail TitlePDFAutoCAD
D-4.1.0Single Grate Catch BasinD_4.1.0 (PDF)D-4.1.0
D-4.1.1Direct Inlet Catch BasinD_4.1.1 (PDF)D-4.1.1
D-4.1.2Dual Grate Catch BasinD_4.1.2 (PDF)D-4.1.2
D-4.2.0Drain ManholeD_4.2.0 (PDF)D-4.2.0
D-4.2.1Eccentric ManholeD_4.2.1 (PDF)D-4.2.1
D-4.2.2Sump ManholeD_4.2.2 (PDF)D-4.2.2
D-4.3.0Manhole and Catch Basins General Notes & DimensionsD_4.3.0 (PDF)D-4.3.0 
D-4.3.1Raising CastingsD_4.3.1 (PDF)D-4.3.1
D-4.4.0Rip Rap Apron at Pipe OutfallsD_4.4.0 (PDF)D-4.4.0
D-4.5.0Typical HDPE Pipe Trench DetailD_4.5.0 (PDF)D-4.5.0
D-4.6.0Flared HDPE End SectionsD_4.6.0 (PDF)D-4.6.0

Roadway Detail

DetailDetail TitlePDFAutoCAD
R-5.1.0Roadway Cross SectionR_5.1.0 (PDF)R-5.1.0
R-5.1.1Cut & Fill SlopesR_5.1.1 (PDF)R-5.1.1
R-5.1.2Granite CurbsR_5.1.2 (PDF)R-5.1.2
R-5.1.3Bituminous BermsR_5.1.3 (PDF)R-5.1.3
R-5.1.4Pavement TransitionR_5.1.4 (PDF)R-5.1.4
R-5.1.5Roadway Widening & Overlay 6' Wide or GreaterR_5.1.5 (PDF)R-5.1.5
R-5.1.6Roadway Widening & Overlay 6' Wide or LessR_5.1.6 (PDF)R-5.1.6
R-5.1.7Pavement Details for Trench RestorationR_5.1.7 (PDF)R-5.1.7
R-5.1.8Continuous zone (CZ) Trench RestorationR_5.1.8 (PDF)R-5.1.8 
R-5.2.0Guard RailR_5.2.0 (PDF)R-5.2.0
R-5.2.1Guard Rail (Double Fence)R_5.2.1 (PDF)R-5.2.1
R-5.3.0Wheelchair Ramp NotesR_5.3.0 (PDF)R-5.3.0
R-5.3.1Wheelchair Ramp Type AR_5.3.1 (PDF)R-5.3.1
R-5.3.2Wheelchair Ramp Type BR_5.3.2 (PDF)R-5.3.2
R-5.3.3Wheelchair Ramp Type CR_5.3.3 (PDF)R-5.3.3
R-5.3.4Wheelchair Ramp Type DR_5.3.4 (PDF)R-5.3.4
R-5.3.5Wheelchair Ramp Type ER_5.3.5 (PDF)R-5.3.5
R-5.3.6Detectable Warning PanelR_5.3.6 (PDF)R-5.3.6
R-5.4.0Typical Curb Cut Plan - Residential Driveways No SidewalkR_5.4.0 (PDF)R-5.4.0
R-5.4.1Full Depth Driveway Apron - Section No SidewalkR_5.4.1 (PDF)R-5.4.1
R-5.4.2Sidewalk Through DrivewayR_5.4.2 (PDF)R-5.4.2
R-5.4.3Full Depth Driveway - Section Cement Concrete Sidewalk CrossingR_5.4.3 (PDF)R-5.4.3
R-5.5.0CrosswalkR_5.5.0 (PDF)R-5.5.0
R-5.5.1Decorative CrosswalkR_5.5.1 (PDF)R-5.5.1
R-5.6.0Steel Plate InstallationR_5.6.0 (PDF)R-5.6.0
R-5.7.1Traffic Sign Detail Sidewalk or Median InstallationR_5.7.1 (PDF)R-5.7.1
R-5.7.2Traffic Sign Detail Non-Sidewalk InstallationR_5.7.2 (PDF)R-5.7.2
R-5.7.3Street Name Sign Installation NotesR_5.7.3 (PDF)R-5.7.3
R-5.7.4Street Sign Detail Sidewalk InstallationR_5.7.4 (PDF)R-5.7.4
R-5.7.5Street Sign Detail Non-Sidewalk InstallationR_5.7.5 (PDF)R-5.7.5
R-5.7.6Granite Bound DetailR_5.7.6 (PDF)R-5.7.6
R-5.8.0Trench Detail for Communications ConduitR_5.8.0 (PDF)R-5.8.0
R-5.8.1Hand Hole for Communications ConduitR_5.8.1 (PDF)R-5.8.1
R-5.8.2Transition from Communications Hand Hole to TrenchR_5.8.2 (PDF)R-5.8.2

Street lighting Detail

DetailDetail TitlePDFAutoCAD
E-7.1.0Primary Duct Bank Section in RoadwayE-7.1.0 (PDF)E-7.1.0
E-7.2.020" Diameter Light Pole BaseE-7.2.0 (PDF)E-7.2.0
E-7.3.0Typical Pole Base, Handhole, and Pole FoundationE-7.3.0 (PDF)E-7.3.0
E-7.4.0Lighting Load CenterE-7.4.0 (PDF)E-7.4.0
E-7.5.0Handhole and Conduit DetailE-7.5.0 (PDF)E-7.5.0
E-7.6.0Pole with K199 LuminaireE-7.6.0 (PDF)E-7.6.0
E-7.7.0Pole with D323 LuminaireE-7.7.0 (PDF)E-7.7.0