Public Way Access Permit

When is a Public Way Access Permit required? 

A Public Way Access Permit (PWAP) is required to install a new driveway or modify an existing driveway that connects to a City-owned road, including the street, sidewalk, curb, driveway apron, and/or grass berm area.

Typical permit activities that require a PWAP include:

  • Construction of a new driveway
  • Expansion in width of a driveway opening
  • Relocation of a driveway opening

Construction Standards

What is needed to apply for a PWAP

  1. Complete a PWAP Application (PDF) (including an initial application and sketch sheet). 
  2. Once approved, your paving contractor will need to submit an application for a Driveway Street Opening Permit prior to making any driveway modifications. Contractors must be bonded and insured with the City of Framingham. 
  3. There is no permit fee to apply for a PWAP.

Processing time

The applicant will receive a decision letter within 30 working days.  


Questions on this permit can be directed to the City's Municipal Engineering Program at 508-532-6010 or