Order #2023-004

Order #2023-004 Creation of Mayoral Framingham Community Center Advisory Committee

WHEREAS: The City of Framingham purchased the former Marian High School property on Union Avenue, with the purpose of redeveloping it into a city-wide community center;

WHEREAS: The City of Framingham is in need for a performing arts space and the former high school has a 750-seat theatre;

WHEREAS: Artists in the City of Framingham lost space when the former Danforth Building and the Bancroft Buildings closed;

WHEREAS: Youth programs have been seeking affordable space for programs, and Marian High has a full-size basketball court. 

WHEREAS: The City of Framingham is in need of a community pool; and there is the potential for one to be constructed at the former Marian campus

WHEREAS: Many organizations in the City are seeking collaborative space for programs that serve the diverse community of the City of Framingham

THEREFORE: I, Charlie J. Sisitsky, Mayor of the City of Framingham, pursuant to the authority vested in me as the chief executive officer of the City of Framingham, by the Framingham Charter, hereby orders:

Article 1: Creation of a Framingham Mayoral Community Center Advisory Committee

The Committee will be comprised of 25 members, all to be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Framingham, without the approval of the legislative branch of government.

Membership includes:

  • City of Framingham Chief Operating Officer
  • City of Framingham Director of Facilities
  • City of Framingham Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer
  • Chair of the Framingham City Council or his designee
  • Member of the Framingham School Committee
  • Member of the Library Trustees
  • Chair of the Framingham Disability Commission or her designee
  • Member of the Framingham Youth Council 
  • Member of the Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Framingham High Athletic Director 
  • Hoops & Homework Director
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest Director
  • Representative of the Police Athletic League
  • Representative from a theatre organization
  • Representative from an arts organization
  • Representative from a youth sports organization
  • Representative of a non-profit organization based in Framingham
  • An athletic coach from a high school in Framingham
  • 1 athlete from a high school in Framingham
  • 1 individual age 65 or older to represent the senior community
  • 5 residents of the City of Framingham

Article 2: The Mayor will appoint the chair and the vice chair of the Committee. Members will serve on the Committee for 3-years or until the Committee is disbanded

Article 3: The Mayor will provide goals and assignments for the Committee at its first meeting. 

Article 4: The Committee shall post public meetings, in accordance with the Commonwealth’s Open Meeting Law, and post public minutes, in a timely matter. The Committee shall meet at a place that is ADA compliant.

 You can find the signed version here Version Options Order #2023-003 Headline.