Board of Registars

Appointment and Term of Office

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 51, § 15 require that in every city and town there exist a Board of Registrars consisting of the city or town clerk and three other persons who, in a city, are appointed by the Mayor.


Responsibilities of the Board of Registrars include:

1. Accepting and certifying nominations papers
2. Certifying initiative or referendum petitions
3. Conducting elections and recounts as necessary in a fair and impartial manner
4. Maintaining accurate lists of registered voters in the City of Framingham
5. Maintenance and testing of voting equipment
6. Processing absentee voter applications
7. Processing address and party changes
8. Tallying election results
9. Issuing party enrollment certificates

Each member of the Board of Registrars, or a Registrar of Voters, is appointed for a three year term. As nearly as possible the members of the board shall represent the two leading political parties. The City Clerk need not be enrolled in a political party.

Current Registrars

Registrar of Voters