City Election Drop Box Information

Text: Vote by Mail, image of an American Flag

official Election ballot or vote by mail application
Drop Boxes

Residents can utilize the drop box in the rear of the Memorial Building, 150 Concord Street or at the McAuliffe Library, 746 Water Street. Parking spaces have been reserved for voters near the drop box. 

Applications or election ballots can be placed in either box 24/7. Both boxes are monitored by 24-hour video surveillance.

All ballots that are placed in either drop box by 8:00pm on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 WILL BE COUNTED.  Each drop box will be closed at 8:00pm and ballots will no longer be accepted.   

memorial building election ballot drop box

Rear of Memorial Building, 150 Concord Street

Image of a large silver mailing box with text: City of Framingham Official Ballot Drop Box

McAuliffe Library election Ballot Drop Box

746 Water Street

Photo of the Ballot Drop Box at the McAuliffe Library