Process, Applications, Fees, and Schedules

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The Planning Board has worked hard to create a simple, transparent, and efficient project review process. The information provided on this page is intended to publicly share all the necessary documentation needed by an applicant prior to submitting a project for review to the Planning Board. If at any point questions arise please contact the Planning Board Office via email, phone, and / or by stopping into the office.

ALL Projects require the following:

  • Application Cover Letter (Form A)
  • Building Commissioners project review and determination (Form B)
  • Applications completed by the applicant and / or designee
  • Two original paper copies of all forms / applications that require signature
  • Appropriate Application Fee (projects will be considered incomplete until fee is paid)
  • Certified Abutters List from the Assessor's Office (except for Approval Not Required projects)
  • Payment of Legal Advertisement (the Planning Board Office submits the Legal Advertisement to the local newspaper - the Applicant is required to pay for the Legal Advertisement to the newspaper)
  • Number of Paper Plans: six half size paper plans (11 x 17) - please do not provide full size plans at time of submitting an application 
  • Application Documentation: two Paper Copies
  • One electronic copy of all materials submitted

Forms / Applications

The Planning Board reviews projects pursuant to the Building Commissioner's determination, the Framingham Zoning By-Law, the Framingham General By-Laws, and the Master Land Use Plan. Below are the Forms / Applications for the various projects pursuant to the specific regulations. Please download and fill out the applicable applications for your project listed below - if you have any questions please contact the Planning Board Office.



General Forms / Applications

Forms required for both Zoning By-Law and General By-Law Applications
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General By-Law Forms / Applications

Forms for projects filing for review pursuant to the Framingham General Ordinances
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Fee Schedule

Pursuant to the Rules and Regulations of the Framingham Planning Board, Article: 14 Regulations Governing Fees and Fees Schedules - all projects shall be required to submit the appropriate application fee prior to review by the Planning Board.

Planning Board Fee Schedule (PDF)

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Timeline and Submittal Schedule

  • 2021 Planning Board and TRT Schedule - City of Framingham 2021 PB Deadlines
  • Technical Review Team (TRT) Meeting - The TRT meets typically on a monthly basis on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday per month. Project information and/or site plans are required to be submitted one week prior to the desired TRT meeting.
  • Planning Board Application and Public Hearing Submittal – The Planning Board meets typically two times per month on Thursday. New Applications and supporting materials need to be submitted to the Planning Board Office by Wednesday, three weeks prior to the desired public hearing (for example, if a project would like to be on the October 25, 2018 agenda, documents need to be submitted to the Planning Board Office no later than 5:00pm on October 3, 2018).
  • New Information for a Project in the Public Hearing Process – New information for a project under review by the Planning Board needs to be submitted no later than Friday prior to the desired meeting (for example, projects on the October 25, 2018 Planning Board Agenda need to be submitted to the Planning board Office no later than October 19, 2018 at noon).

Information? Questions? Requests? Comments?

Please contact the Planning Board Office by emailing, calling us by phone at (508) 532-5450, or stop by during office hours.

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