Mission of the Planning Board

The Planning Board is Framingham's regulatory land use Board that serves as the municipality's land use steward. The Planning Board is a quasi-judicial body that is legally required to employ an open public hearing process that encourages public input in order to better understand the needs of the community. This process results in the crafting and adoption of appropriate land use policies and ordinances that reflect the most current, best land use practices desired by all stakeholders. Working in collaboration and in tandem with the Mayor, the City Council, municipal departments, residents, the business community and guided by professional consultants, the Planning Board works diligently and tirelessly to integrate and implement its Master Land Use Plan, abide by Massachusetts General Law, to respond to the needs of an ever changing economic climate.

Latest Updates

The Planning Board has created a new subpage to provide the public with an opportunity to review information for upcoming events, development applications, planning studies, regulation and zoning amendments, etc. Please click here to be redirected to the new page

Planning Board Monthly Report

December 2019 - Planning Board Monthly Report
November 2019 - Planning Board Monthly Report
October 2019 - Planning Board Monthly Report
September 2019 - Planning Board Monthly Report
August 2019 - Planning Board Monthly Report
July 2019 - Planning Board Monthly Report

Planning Board Annual Reports 

FY19 Annual Report - Planning Board
2018 Annual Report (Calendar Year) - Planning Board

What Does the Planning Board Do?

A Planning Board pursuant to Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) is required to, but not limited to the following:

  • Preparation, adoption, amendments, and the implementation of a Master Plan for Framingham under M.G.L. c. 41, Section 81D.
  • Preparation of an official Zoning Map under M.G.L c. 41, Section 81E.
  • Draft and submittal of zoning amendments for consideration by the City Council (M.G.L. c. 40A, Section 5).
  • Adoption, administration, and amendments of the Rules & Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land in Framingham (M.G.L c. 41, Section 81K).
  • Special Permit Granting Authority and Site Plan Review approval, when applicable.
  • Administer Public Way Access Ordinance, when applicable.
  • Recommend designation of scenic roads and hold public hearings on requests regarding the Scenic Roads Act.
  • Acts as an adviser on other municipal land use regulations.
  • Land use and development reviewing and planning body.

Planning Board Motto: Plan-Build-Grow

What is "Plan-Build-Grow" and why is it important to the Framingham community at-large? The Planning Board is invested in promoting smart development that meets the needs of the municipality. "Plan-Build-Grow" ensures that project development is carefully and thoroughly vetted prior to any approval by the Planning Board. This model of project review engages collaboration with the various municipal departments involved, the private sector and the community at large. The 'Plan-Build-Grow' model provides the community with an assurance that each project reviewed receives intense scrutiny involving multiple levels of public and professional review prior to a decision being rendered. Consequently, "Plan-Build-Grow" projects meet the Planning Board's goal to provide the highest quality of development possible.

The Framingham Planning Board is comprised of five voting members who are appointed by the Mayor for a staggered term of three years each:

MemberSeatTerm Expiration
Christine Long Chair June 2020
Kristina Johnson, AICPMemberJune 2022
Aaron BoberMemberJune 2022
Shannon FitzpatrickMemberJune 2021
Joseph NortonMemberJune 2021


Please contact the Planning Board Office by emailing Amanda Loomis, calling our phone (508)532-5450, or stop by during office hours.

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