The City of Framingham has over 23,000 water meters in the system, most read quarterly. A water meter is a device that measures the amount of water usage per household in units. This way everyone can pay for exactly what they have used. Sewer usage is based on water usage.

Where to Find Your Water Meter

Water meters are generally found on the part of your water service where it enters the dwelling either against a wall, or in a pit. Most times this is in a basement, but sometimes it is in a garage, or even a closet within the house.

Meters need to be in temperatures above freezing, unless the water running through them is continuous. Some meters are in covered pits outside, but because they are below the frost line they are in a temperature above freezing and can function properly.

If You Have a Problem with Your Meter

The City owns and takes responsibility for water meters and so it is unlawful for anyone to remove or tamper with a water meter other than City personnel.

If you have any trouble with your water meter (i.e., abnormal noise, leaks, or damages), then you should call the Water Department immediately at 508-532-6050.

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