Irrigation Metering

Second Metering Device

A second metering device is available which measures irrigation water usage separate from regular usage so you do not have to be charged sewer on water that does not end up in the sewer system. Residents can pick up paperwork in the Public Works office, Room 213. A licensed plumber will then need to fill out the irrigation meter installation site plan drawing. The site plan drawing will show:

  • How the meter will be installed
  • What type of backflow device will be used
  • Any other type of hardware to be used

Learn how to apply for an Irrigation Meter.

Device Application & Approval

Once you drop off the completed paperwork along with the application fee, within a week, the backflow / regulatory device supervisor will review the plan. You will then get a call letting you know you are either approved, or not approved, and why. If approved, an appointment can then be made for a water technician to drop off the meter and fittings, and turn off the water at the curb.

When the plumber has completed the installation, you can call the Water Department at 508-532-6050 to have your backflow preventer inspected, meter sealed, and water service restored. Final paperwork will be signed and the job considered complete at this time.