Daily Management

Pump Station Monitoring

The pumping stations are controlled and monitored by a central computer system that communicates over UHF radio frequency. The system is monitored around the clock for:

  • Proper flows
  • Pumps running
  • Security

During an event, a technician is automatically paged to respond to the particular station's problem.

Inspections & Maintenance

Pump station staff face site-specific challenges as they perform their inspections and maintenance work, including:

  • Backup power needs
  • Confined spaces
  • Equipment age and variety

Program staff performs continual repair and maintenance on outdated station components. All states require community water systems to have a certified operator in charge. Certified operators play a crucial role in protecting the health and welfare of the public. Protection of the water system is an important job for the certified operator. 

There are many disease-causing organisms and chemicals that may enter a system through the source of water or through problems in the distribution system. Most contaminants cannot be seen or smelled, so proper system maintenance and monitoring is necessary to ensure the protection of public health.

Water Storage Tanks

The City of Framingham has 6 water tanks. They have a storage capacity of nearly 9 million gallons to provide for:

  • Agricultural farming
  • Drinking water
  • Fire suppression
  • Irrigation
  • Many other applications

Regular maintenance and cleaning is necessary to keep them operating efficiently. The rehabilitation of 1 tank per year is part of the City's Capital Improvement Program.