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In 2013, the City of Framingham was designated by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) as one of the Commonwealth’s Green Communities. This designation recognizes the City’s commitment to becoming more sustainable and its fulfillment of five important program criteria:

  • Adopt As-of-right Siting for Renewable Energy
  • Implement Expedited Permitting of Renewable Energy Generating Facilities
  • Create an Energy Reduction Plan to Reduce Municipal Energy Consumption
  • Purchase Only Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
  • Adopt the Stretch Energy Code

Utilizing $651,900 of funding from the Green Communities Program, the Capital Projects and Facilities Management Division has completed a variety of energy conservation measures across municipal facilities including the Main Library, the Callahan Senior Center, Police Department Headquarters, and Fire Department Headquarters.

Installed measures include LED lighting, rooftop unit and chiller replacements, as well as HVAC renovations encompassing boiler replacements and building automation system (BAS) upgrades.


In its most recent Green Communities Competitive Grant, the City of Framingham was awarded $100,000 for the implementation of new boilers, water heater, pumps, and building automation system (BAS) at the Fire Station Headquarters. In addition to saving a projected, 296 million British Thermal Units (MMBtus), $4,388 per year, and 17 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the new equipment will provide enhanced system operation and reliability.


  1. 2013
  2. 2016

2013 Green Communities Designation Grant

Designated as a Green Community on December 18, 2013, the City of Framingham utilized its Green Communities Designation Grant to fund a lighting design study and subsequent LED conversion project at the Main Library. In addition to the improved quality of lighting in the facility, the LEDs have helped reduce electricity use at the facility.

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