Irving Street Park


Thursday, September 19
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
150 Irving Street

The of City Framingham will hold a ground breaking ceremony for the 150 Irving Street park project after a successful crowdfunding campaign. The campaign helped to raise over $110,000 that will be utilized to create a new pocket park at 150 Irving Street. This ground breaking ceremony will kick off the project that will see the current gravel parking lot turned into a new green space that will provide a passive recreational amenity to the neighborhood. Everyone is invited to attend and celebrate the community support that lead to this amazing project becoming a reality.

proposed concept

150 Irving St Perspective Opens in new windowWe did it! With your help, we raised over $110,000 to start construction!

Next steps >>>

1. Final Design

Fall 2019 - Based on available funds, finalize material choices and layout. Public meeting date to be determined.

2. Construction

Fall 2019 through fall 2020 - Material and labor donations welcome! Contact the Parks Department with expressions of interest.

3. grand opening

Expected fall 2020.

The City of Framingham has partnered with the state's economic development finance agency, MassDevelopment, to build a new public park on the south side of Downtown, which has few recreation options for residents and employees. The City raised over $110,000 through a Patronicity crowdfunding campaign, including a $50,000 state matching grant. The funds will allow the City to transform the vacant lot into a beautiful and functional green space.

Click here to view the project's PATRONICITY funding page.

Irving Street Park from Patronicity on Vimeo.

Proposed Concept - Plan

Proposed Concept Plan

Community design workshop

Photo - Design Teams - 150 Irving St. WorkshopIn October 2018, the Division of Community & Economic Development and the Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs hosted a public workshop to bring together neighborhood residents, employees, businesses, organizations, and interested members of the public to generate and discuss design alternatives for a new "pocket park" at 150 Irving Street. Photo - Site Visit - 150 Irving St. Workshop

This hands-on event included design exercises, a site visit, and group discussion of what was desirable and feasible for the 0.2-acre site, currently a gravel parking lot. The session was facilitated by a professional landscape architect from Copley Wolff Design Group who synthesized the groups' ideas into a conceptual design. The proposed design calls for a flexible passive recreation space incorporating a walking path, open lawn, trees, ornamental shrubs, benches, a shade structure, and a small plaza at the corner.

New Park Location

150 Irving Street - Existing Condition

150 Irving Street Existing Conditions