Greenways Trails and Open Space Resources

Carol Getchell Nature Trail

Trail Boardwalk

Protection Strategy

Development of greenways is an open space protection strategy of the Community and Economic Development Division (CED). We have found greenway development is a means to:

  • Contain sprawl
  • Develop recreational opportunities
  • Enhance community character
  • Improve ecological integrity of the community
  • Increases economic activity and revenue

Open Space Resources

Open space resources presently being utilized for active and passive recreation and containing trails include:

UMass Amherst Greenways Plan for Framingham

During the Spring Semester of 2015, the City worked with a group of students from UMass Amherst's Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Program to develop a Greenways Plan and identify potential projects. While some of the proposed projects are more feasible than others, this Plan is an excellent guide through the various planning efforts moving forward. Read more here,

Planning continues on the following greenway projects for the future:

  • Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
  • Sudbury River trail and access
  • Weston and Sudbury Aqueducts (additional segments)