Nobscot Village

The City created a new zoning category called B-4 for Nobscot Village Zoning to establish a framework for creating walkable mixed-use village centers in key neighborhood districts. The Nobscot Village (B-4) District is intended to foster and attract development opportunities that lead to a direct investment into pivotal areas where junctions or crossroads exist. The intent is to encourage redevelopment and reinvestment into a neighborhood center in order to re-establish this area as fully integrated and functional vibrant village center. The Nobscot Village District shall include a mixture of various uses that are able to support and promote business and community within the area. Uses are intended to complement one another and allow for different offerings such as art and cultural spaces, public community space, educational/institutional use, entertainment, residential, office space, retail, and other small business enterprises.


More recently

Historical Nobscot Chapel kept preserved and moved as seen in video below. 

Nobscot Logo.

Please view our Project Development Library to find files regarding Nobscot Village.

Pending construction particularly for projects at:

770 Water Street, Nobscot Plaza - (2019 files)

876 Edgell Road, Redevelopment of gas station - (2020 files)

Information on intersection improvements can also be found below.

January 2019

Since the last public meeting on the issues in Nobscot, staff in multiple departments have been working together on a number of different projects to keep the momentum of the 2015 planning work going through the transition from Town to City. We are working on the following projects and will have more information on each of them coming soon:

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  1. Design Guidelines
  2. Village Zoning
  3. Intersection Improvements
Update as of March 2018 

In June 2018, planning staff finalized Design Guidelines for the village of Nobscot that complements the B-4 zoning.  Click below to see the Design Guidelines created with the help of expert planning staff at MAPC.  

Nobscot Design Guidelines

SPRING 2018 Nobscot Community Outreach Hours and Survey

The City of Framingham would like to thank everyone who participated in the community outreach effort that was initiated to collect residential input for the future of Nobscot. The information collected over the last several months provided extremely important public comment for the future development of Nobscot and its community. Residents and business owners delivered valuable feedback either by attending Nobscot Community Hours sessions or took the time to share their thoughts by filling out the Nobscot Survey. Click on any of the links below to read a detailed abridged or full version of each report:

Villages Economic Plan Cover
Nobscot Word Cloud

Public Information Workshop Number 3 - June 8, 2015

The Cecil Group presented findings and recommendations from the Village Center Study related to design, marketing and reinvestment, public realm improvements, and regulatory strategy. Residents were encouraged to provide input in an open forum, and also to discuss the issues with City staff.

Agenda (PDF) | Flyer (PDF)Presentation (PDF)

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Public Information Workshop Number 2 - April 13, 2015

The Cecil Group presented alternatives for public investment as well as private development scenarios for residents to discuss.

Agenda (PDF) | Flyer (PDF) |  Presentation (PDF)

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Public Information Workshop Number 1 - February 23, 2015

Thank you to all who attended the first workshop at Heritage at Framingham Senior Living! It was a night of lively discussion with people who care deeply about Nobscot Village.

Agenda (PDF) | Flyer (PDF)Presentation (PDF)

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