Billing Information

About Your Bill

Water and sewer charges are customarily billed 4 times a year. Some commercial and industrial customers and other high volume users are billed on a monthly basis. The bills are based on actual meter readings, unless there is a communication issue with the reading device. The sewer charge is determined by water use.

automatic payment changes due to new billing software

In May 2021, the City of Framingham migrated to a new water and sewer billing software. Due to the migration:

  • New customer numbers were assigned to each billing account.
  • Each Account Number has changed; the first two zeros have been deleted, i.e., “000123456789” becomes “0123456789”.

If you use the online payment system, you will need to associate the NEW Customer Number with your online account and re-enroll for automatic payments and/or email bill delivery.

About Your Meter

  • All water passing through the meter will be charged.
  • Any meter damaged by frost or negligence of the consumer shall be replaced at the consumer’s expense.
  • The property owner must keep the meter and touchpad accessible for reading, inspection, replacement, or repair at all times.
  • Only authorized employees or those with advanced approval from the Water and Wastewater Division are allowed to install, remove, or repair any meter.

Bill Liability

The owner of the property where the service is provided is liable for all water and sewer charges associated with the property. Failure of the owner or consumer to receive the bill does not relieve the owner from the obligation of paying the bill or the consequences of non-payment.

Bill Payment

Payments must be received by the Treasurer/Collector’s office within 30 days of issuance of the bill date.