Policies & Regulations

2015 Wastewater Regulations

Construction Standards

The City has adopted construction standards that must be followed by all contractors working within the City of Framingham. Please view our public works construction standards page.

Dig Safe

It is a state law that anyone who excavates shall notify Dig Safe and all non-member utility companies so that proper procedures can be taken to ensure safety. Dig Safe System, Inc. is a communication network, assisting excavators, contractors, and property owners in complying with state law by notifying the appropriate utilities before digging. Dig Safe is a free service that notifies member companies of proposed excavation projects.

In turn, these member utilities respond to the work area and identify the location of underground facilities. Callers are given a permit number as confirmation. Digging without knowing what could be under the ground is very dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Sewer Connections

Street opening permits are required for any contractor to dig in the street or on the sidewalk, and non-emergency permits will only be issued from April to November. During the winter months, there is a moratorium on non-emergency street opening. 

Contractors must be a Licensed Drainlayer with the City of Framingham to perform work on water, sewer, and drainage infrastructure, including all work on public and private property.

There are fees associated with permits and licenses, and in addition, a sewer entrance and inflow and infiltration (I and I) fee for any property connecting to the sewer system for the first time.

The City of Framingham has Street Utility Inspectors who inspect any work that affects city property before the trenches are closed up. The City wants to ensure that quality work is done on public or private property and all utilities are installed to construction standards. Contractors must let the Inspectors know when they are working and request an inspection when it is time.