Insurance Claims

Effective July 1, 2013, the City of Framingham selected Travelers Insurance to be the city's insurance carrier. To file a claim that has occurred from that date forward view the travelers insurance form (PDF)


  1. Complete the information and mail, email or fax to the contact information provided on the form.
  2. Attach any additional documentation to support your claim (i.e. estimate, photo, police report, etc.), if available.
  3. Make a copy for your records. Your claim will be forwarded to the City's insurance carrier.
  4. A representative from the insurance company will be assigned and contact you.

The Mayor's is unable to answer questions about a submitted claim. Contact information is provided on the claim form. Insurance claims against municipalities have specific standards to determine liability, which are governed by Massachusetts General Law.

Snow Plowing Damage

Please use the Report a Concern form if you would like to report damage to your mail box or lawn caused by snowplowing before filing an insurance claim. To ensure that your request is received in a timely fashion by the Public Works Highway Department, please provide as much information as possible (i.e. location, date, time, etc.) and include your email address and / or telephone number.

Under “Please select a Request / Comment” pull down menu, select Snow Plowing Damage.