Walnut Street Neighborhood Flood Mitigation Project

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Project Overview

The Walnut Street Neighborhood Flood Mitigation project will include design and permitting for wetland, stream channel, and streambank restorations to reduce flooding and increase brook capacity in the Walnut Street/Sucker Brook Drainage Area. A new boardwalk path will be designed to replace the existing school path, providing an ADA accessible, safe, and walkable access by reconnecting residential neighborhoods between Walnut Street and Stonybrook Road. Once installed, residential areas will be able to use the boardwalk to access Bowditch Athletic Field, the Callahan Senior Center, Fuller Middle School, McCarthy Elementary School, and MassBay Community College.

The project also includes robust public engagement including climate leadership enrichment programs with the Framingham High School Environmental Club for teens, Hoops & Homework Youth Program, and the Council on Aging. and targeted outreach to various segments of the community.

Why is the project is needed?

One of the most vulnerable areas to flooding recognized and prioritized by the City is the Walnut Street neighborhood, which is densely populated and has experienced historical flooding issues. This environmental justice neighborhood is particularly susceptible to increased impacts from climate change due to its proximity to the Sudbury River, Sucker Brook, an unnamed stream behind Walnut Street, and large wetland areas. Much of the neighborhood is located within the 100-year and 500-year flood zones but is vulnerable to chronic flooding during more frequent storm events.

Municipal vulnerability preparedness (MVP) Grant Funding

A summary of the City's MVP planning efforts can be referenced here.

In August 2021, the City of Framingham received a $269,030 Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grant from the Baker-Polito Administration to support the project.

In February 2020, the City received a $206,850 MVP Action Grant from the Baker-Polito Administration to support the project.


View a larger version of the map below here. Walnut-Street-Flood-Mitigation-Study_map