Trash and Recycling Collection Information

Photo of a sanitation truck plowing snow. Text: Trash & Recycling Information

Did you know that the same staff that picks up your trash and recycling ALSO Assists with plowing and salting the streets of Framingham?

Photo of a sanitation truck plowing snow (JPEG)

How do I know if trash/recycling curbside pickup will be delayed?

Throughout the winter, it is best to frequently check the City website or DPW's Facebook and Twitter for this information. 

The City will provide the following updates if necessary:

  • Delays, updates, or cancellations for curbside trash and recycling pickup
  • Delays, updates, or cancellations for curbside bulky item pickup
  • Changes to the hours of operation at the Recycling Drop-off Center

Sanitation Tips During the Winter

  • If curbside trash and recycling collection is delayed due to inclement weather, PLEASE KEEP YOUR CARTS OUT OF THE ROADWAY AND OFF THE SIDEWALK. The City understands that delays are frustrating, but by following this practice, our staff will be able to do a better job plowing.
  • Carts left in a public way (road and sidewalk) are an obstruction. Furthermore, we do not want to damage the carts or cause damage to our plowing equipment.
  • During the winter months, if possible, it is best to shovel out an area near the end of your driveway to store your trash and recycling carts. Please make sure the storage area is located behind the City’s right-of-way. By storing your carts near the end of your driveway, you will not have to wheel them through the snow on your collection day. Please remember to place your carts at the curb on your collection day for pickup.
  • Although it’s sometimes challenging during the winter, please try to space your carts out as far as possible. You will help our drivers access your carts by following this practice.
  • Please do not put carts on top of or behind snowbanks.