2018 Measures voted by City Council

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Measure Number 
 Measures by Topic
Meeting Date
2018-118-001Confirm Mayor's Appointees to the Regional Vocational School Committee01/08/2019 
2018-118Refer Mayor's candidates for Regional Vocational School Committee to Appointments Subcommittee12/18/2018
2018-117-001Approve $600,000 budget transfer for Fire Station 201/15/2019
2018-117Refer budget transfer of $600,000 for Fire Station 2 to Finance Subcommittee12/18/2019
2018-116-001Authorization of payment of unpaid FY18 bills from the School Department02/19/2019
2018-116Refer request to pay unpaid FY18 bills from School Dept. to Finance Subcommittee12/18/2018
2018-115Pool table renewal permits issued to Portuguese Club and Route 9 Sports Pub12/18/2018
2018-114Grant livery license to Emil Igwenagu, Focal Points Health Care, LLC.12/18/2018
2018-113Utility Petition - Summer Street 12/18/2018
2018-112Approve expenditure from Handicap Parking Fine Account for holiday parking enforcement  11/20/2018
2018-111Approve Council meeting dates for January - June 201911/13/2018
2018-110-001Amend the Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw (Also Order 2019-113)12/17/2019
2018-110Refer Plastic Bag Ban to Environment and Sustainability Subcommittee and establish an Environmental Task Force11/20/2018


Refer new section of Zoning Bylaw for Accessory Dwelling Units to Planning and Zoning Subcommittee

2018-109-001Refer Zoning Bylaw (Accessory Dwelling Units) to Planning Board
2018-109Refer proposed new section of Zoning Bylaw relative to Accessory Dwelling Units to Planning Board11/13/2018
2018-108Utility petition - Winter Park Road (Petition withdrawn; See Order 2019-030)11/13/2018
2018-107Adopt a Residential Factor-CIP Shift of 1.72 with a CIP rate of 33.55 for FY1910/20/2018
2018-106Issue Second Hand, Junk , Old Metals License to Roman Vynnytskyi, DBA Golden Circle11/20/2018
2018-105Utility petition - Thelma Road03/05/2019
2018-104-001Appointment of Police Chief10/23/2018
2018-104Refer Police Chief appointment to Appointments Subcommittee10/16/2018
2018-103Approve December 11, 2018 Special Election and ballot language10/16/2019
2018-102Grant Seasonal Hawker Peddler License to Springers Wholesale Flowers10/16/2018
2018-101-001Approve Layout and Acceptance of Streets and Related Easements (A portion of Alan Street, Arbor Way, Arnold Road, Laverdure Circle, a portion of Pitt Road, and Salvi Drive)10/30/2018
2018-101Refer street acceptance roadways to Planning Board
2018-100Water and Sewer Pricing System ordinance10/02/2018
2018-099-001Approve appropriation for Fuller Middle School project10/30/2018
2018-099Approve appropriation for Fuller Middle School project10/30/2018
2018-098Confirm appointment of Emily Butler as Assistant City Clerk09/25/2018
2018-097Engage Lynda Caines for minute taker services for Council and Subcommittee meetings09/06/2018
2018-096Engage Powers and Sullivan, LLC for financial auditing services09/06/2018
2018-095-001Approve budget transfers within FY19 Community and Economic Development Budget10/30/2018
2018-095Refer to Finance Subcommittee Mayoral request to transfer funds within Community and Economic Development Budget09/06/2018
2018-094Approve Marijuana Ordinances - General Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw (See 2018-063)09/06/2018
2018-093Approve Intermunicipal Agreement with Town of Wayland for Potter Road bridge maintenance09/06/2018
2018-092Approve Lease Agreement with Cellco for wireless communication space at 100 Western Ave.09/06/2018
2018-091Utility Petition - Howard Street09/06/2018
2018-090Authorize expenditure from Handicap Parking Fine Account for Bookmobile Project - Disability Commission09/06/2018
2018-089Appoint Executive Assistant to the City Council08/21/2018
2018-088Approve Amendment to City Bylaws RE John Hemenway House Historic District08/21/2018
2018-087Add Position of City Clerk to the Compensation and Classification Plan08/21/2018
2018-086-005Approve Mayor's Candidates for Board of Health and Citizen Participation Officer
2018-086-004Refer Mayor's Candidates for Board of Health and Citizen Participation Officer to Appointments Subcommittee11/13/2018
2018-086-003Appoint Mayor's Candidates to Boards, Committees and Commissions - Partial10/30/2018
2018-086-002Refer Mayor's candidates to Boards, Committees and Commissions to Appointment Subcommittee10/24/2018
2018-086-001Appoint Mayor's candidates to Boards, Committees and Commissions - Partial08/21/2018
2018-086Reject Mayor's candidates to Boards, Committees and Commissions07/19/2018
2018-085-001Appoint Lisa A. Ferguson as City Clerk08/21/2018
2018-085Appoint Lisa A. Ferguson as Acting City Clerk07/19/2018
2018-084Refer proposed amendment to City Bylaws RE Noise Ordinance to Task Force07/19/2018
2018-083Approve FY17 unpaid bills submitted by CFO07/10/2018
2018-082Ratify renewal of Second Hand/Junk Licenses voted by Licensing Commission07/10/2018
2018-081Grant new livery license to JFK Transportation, Inc.07/10/2018
2018-080Grant Transfer of Billiard Table License from the Sports Pub to Route 9 Sports Bar07/10/2018
2018-079Refer Proposed Amendment to City Bylaws RE Transfer of Development Rights
back to Planning Board
2018-078Accept resolution on Immigration Policy and Family Rights06/19/2018
2018-077Adopt Policy to Transfer Licensing Authority for Solicitor Licenses to the Framingham Police Dept.06/01/2018
2018-076Refer proposed Zoning Map and Zoning Bylaw Amendments from Recreational Marijuana Task Force to Planning Board for Public Hearing06/19/2018
2018-075Approve FY18 Capital Funding for Sudbury Landing retaining wall06/19/2018
2018-074Granting permanent and temporary easements RE MassDOT Project No. 60773206/19/2018
2018-073New Solicitor License - Joao Paulo Freitas06/19/2018
2018-072Refreshin' Concessions -- New Seasonal Hawker/Peddler License06/19/2018
2018-071Stardust Jewelers - Renewal of license to sell Second Hand Articles, Junk, Old Metals06/19/2018
2018-070-001Denial decision RE to Council denial of new license application of Conigliaro Industries
 to sell second hand articles, junk, old metals
2018-070Consideration of new application to sell 0Second Hand Articles, Junk, Old Metals
- Conigliaro Industries
2018-069Approve amendment to City Bylaws RE Accessible Parking07/10/2018
2018-068Utility Petition - Concord Street06/19/2018
2018-067Refer Sudbury Landing retaining wall matter to Finance Subcommittee for review06/05/2018
2018-066-001Approve FY18 year-end budget transfers including City Clerk stipend06/19/2018
2018-066Approve FY18 year-end budget transfers as presented by CFO06/05/2018
2018-065Approval of Mayor's candidates for appointment to the Planning Board06/05/2018
2018-064Approve Conservation Commission acceptance of Conservation Restriction on Wayside Forest06/05/2018
2018-063-003Amendment to Marijuana Sales Bylaws10/05/2018
2018-063-002Amendment to Marijuana Zoning Bylaws10/05/2018
2018-063-001Refer Zoning Map and Zoning Bylaw Amendments relative to Adult-Use Marijuana
to Planning Board for Public Hearing
2018-063Adopt temporary moratorium on licensing of Adult-Use Marijuana Establishments - Dec. 1, 201806/05/2018
2018-062Approve the FY19 Capital Budget06/05/2018
2018-061Authorize Compensation and Classification Plan for annual review with positions deleted06/05/2018
2018-060Utility Petition - Howard Street06/05/2018
2018-059 Appoint City Seal Development Committee members05/22/2018
2018-058-001Approve amendments to Zoning Bylaw and Zoning Map - Corporate Mixed Use Districts12/18/2018
2018-058Refer the matter of CMU Zoning Map amendments to the Planning Board for Public Hearing05/22/2018
2018-057Adopt MGL Chapter 41 §91 to Activate Local Option for Mayoral appointment of Constables05/22/2018
2018-056-001Approve reduction of Free Cash Allocation in FY19 Operating Budget05/22/2018
2018-056Accept the Finance Subcommittee recommendation for the FY19 Operating Budget09/06/2018
2018-055Approval of City Council meeting dates for July - December 201805/22/2018
2018-054Approve Mayor's appointment of Veterans Services Officer - removed - will use the # when it comes back05/15/2018
2018-053Approval of Mayor's appointment of Carolyn R. Lyons as Treasurer-Collector05/15/2018
2018-052Adopt the Permanent City Council Rules05/15/2018
2018-051-001Approved FY19 CDBG budget06/05/2018
2018-051Refer FY19 CDBG budget to Finance Subcommittee05/15/2018
2018-050Refer amendment to Active Adult Housing Bylaw to the Planning Board05/15/2018
2018-049Utility Petition - Shawmut Terrace05/15/2018
2018-048Refer the Mayor's FY19 Operating Budget to the Finance Subcommittee05/01/2018
2018-047Utility Petition - Howard Street  (See Order 2018-060)05/01/2018
2018-046Refer the Mayor's FY19-FY24 Capital Improvement Plan to the Finance Subcommittee04/17/2018
2018-045Refer subject of temporary moratorium on marijuana establishments to the Planning Board04/17/2018
2018-044Refer subject of availability of broadband internet services for students in free and reduced lunch program to the Education Subcommittee04/03/2018
2018-043Submit FY19 City Council budget recommendation to Mayor for inclusion in FY19 municipal budget04/03/2018
2018-042Approve collective bargaining agreement with Framingham Police Superior Officers Association04/03/2018
2018-041Approval of supplemental FY18 budget request for special curbside brush collection04/03/2018 & 04/17/2018
2018-040Utility Petition - Concord Street04/02/2018
2018-039Utility Petition - Blandin Avenue04/02/2018
2018-038Refer matter of Sustainability Coordinator and Sustainability Department to the Environment and Sustainability Subcommittee03/20/2018
2018-037Refer Review of Plastic Bag Bylaw and Environmental Impact of Sudbury River
to Environment and Sustainability Subcommittee
2018-036-002Refer Mayor's appointments for the Traffic Commission to the Appointments Subcommittee05/01/2018
2018-036-001Approve Mayor's Traffic Commission Appointments  04/17/2018
2018-036Refer Mayor's appointments for the Traffic Commission to the Appointments Subcommittee03/20/2018
2018-035-001Approve Amendment of General Bylaws, Article V111, Section 4 (Hawker Peddlers)07/10/2018
2018-035Refer Licensing of Hawkers and Peddlers (General Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 4)
to the Economic Development Subcommittee
2018-034Refer funding for Collective Bargaining Agreement with Framingham Police Superior Officers Association to Finance Subcommittee03/20/2018
2018-033Request to the Mayor to earmark Eversource Settlement ($500,000) for testing and cleanup of Mary Dennison Park03/20/2018
2018-032Add positions of City Auditor and Executive Assistant to the Compensation and Classification Plan03/20/2018
2018-031Utility Petition - Kendall Street03/20/2018
2018-030Utility Petition - Howard Street03/20/2018
2018-029Utility Petition - Summer Street03/06/2018
2018-028Joint Resolution on School Safety and Security and Gun Violence Prevention03/06/2018
2018-027Approve job descriptions for City Auditor and Executive Assistant to City Council03/06/2018
2018-026-001Approval of Sign Bylaw Amendments04/16/2019
2018-026Refer Review of the Sign Bylaw to the Economic Development Subcommittee03/06/2018
2018-025Grant of Location - Evergreen Street (MetroWest Medical Center)03/06/2018
2018-024Refer matter of vacant property database to the Economic Development Subcommittee02/20/2018
2018-023Create Recreational Marijuana Task Force02/20/2018
2018-022Approve ordinance requiring certain information be included in annual budget presentation to the City Council02/20/2018
2018-021Refer matter of applicants for City Seal Ad Hoc Committee to Appointments Subcommittee02/20/2018
2018-020Amendment to Article 1, Section 2.3 of General Bylaws to include School Councils02/20/2018
2018-019Create Short-Term Rental Task Force02/06/2018
2018-018Authorize a communication from the Council to the Mayor requesting that a formal
request to authorize the two new staff positions be submitted to the Council
2018-017Authorize a communication from the Council to the Mayor requesting an
earlier budget delivery date
2018-016Acceptance of State Statute MGL c. 59 c. 5(k)02/06/2018
2018-015Acceptance of State Statute MGL c. 44 c. 6402/06/2018
2018-014Utility Petition - Phelps Road02/06/2018
2018-013Authorization of funds from Handicap Parking Fine Account ($7,500), Piers Park Sailing Program02/06/2018
2018-012Plaque for Indian Head  Road and Indian Head Heights02/06/2018
2018-011Development of FY19 City Council Budget Recommendation referred to Finance Subcommittee01/16/2018
2018-010Mayor's appointments to the Board of License Commissioners01/16/2018
2018-009-001 Authorize payment of unpaid FY17 tuition reimbursements from School Department01/20/2018
2018-009Authorize payment of unpaid FY17 tuition reimbursements from School Department01/16/2018
2018-008Refer matter of proposed zoning changes (Transfer of Development Rights) to
Zoning Bylaw to Planning Board
2018-007Refer matter of proposed zoning changes to Zoning Bylaw to Planning Board01/16/2018
2018-006Establish Ad Hoc Committee to create job descriptions for City Auditor and
City Council Secretary positions
2018-005Create Ad Hoc Committee for creation of official city seal per Article X Section 7(w)
of the Home Rule Charter
2018-004Request to establish ordinance specifying requirements of the Capital Inventory to be submitted annually by the Mayor to the Council per  Article XI section 8(b) of the Home Rule Charter01/02/2018
2018-003Request that the Mayor hold a financial summit before March 6, 201801/02/2018
2018-002 Right of First Refusal - 19 Nixon Road01/02/2018
2018-001Reaffirm election of Chair and Vice Chair of Council01/02/2018