Historic Preservation

The goal of both the Historical Commission (HC) and the Historic District Commission (HDC) is to preserve, protect and develop the historical and archaeological assets of the City of Framingham. Both commissions are supported by staff from the Planning and Community Development Division (PCD).

The City has recently adopted an updated version of the Historic Preservation Plan. Read the 2016 Plan (PDF).

Resources for Owners of Historic Properties

Do you own a historic property in the City of Framingham? Are you looking to do some historically-sensitive work on your property, but don't know where to start?

A collection of resources about performing rehabilitation work on historic buildings can be found on the Resources page. You can also contact C&ED Staff to discuss any issues or questions you might have.

Historical Commission

The Historical Commission was created by a vote of Town Meeting in April, 1969 and oversees most preservation efforts in the city. Their main activities include implementing the demolition delay bylaw and promoting Framingham's history. The HC has also worked to assemble the Cultural Resources Inventory, which lists all historically significant buildings, objects, and landscapes in the City.

Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission was created alongside Framingham's first local historic district - the Centre Common Historic District - at the 1978 Annual Town Meeting. The City currently has five local historic districts protecting 84 properties significant for their architecture or place in Framingham's history.